Lulu Serrao

By Andrew Floril

What is your favorite genre or topic to read about? Why?

Lulus favorite genre to read about is realistic fiction. Since it's interesting and it has stories that could happen.
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What is your favorite place to read? When do you usually read?

Lulu reads in her room since it's quite and she by herself.

Do you prefer reading on paper or ebooks? Why?

Lulu likes reading on paper because she likes to feel the book.
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Describe your first memories of Writting?

Lulu was in fourth grade and she thought her personal narrative was bad but the teacher said she should be a writer.
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Have you kept a journal?

Lulu has not kept a journal.

What was the most meaningful thing someone has written to you?

Lulus best friend wrote her a birthday card.
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If you were a crayon what color would you be? Why?

Lulu would be Aqua marine because she likes the color.
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Have you ever been on an airplane? What's the best place you have traveled to?

Lulu has been on an airplane. The best place she traveled to is Hawaii.
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If you were an animal for the rest of your life what animal would you want to be? Why?