James Benedict


10 things about me

1." You are very quite and keep to yourself," Mrs. Haynes, teacher.

2." your a jokester and a smart boy," mom, 40 .

3." your smart and a great son," dad, 36 .

4." you have cool hair",Andrea 20 .

5." your a really cool brother" , ashley 18 .

6." your funny" ,paige 10 .

7." your dumb some times",cory 12 .

8." your chill and a hyper person",chris 22 .

9."your a good friend and really funny ,jared 15 .

10." your an amazing person and i love you",Alexis 14 .

Letter from Mrs.Haynes

Dear parents of James Benedict i'm glad to have you're so in my class he's a really bright kid, but he's really quiet and he seems to keep to himself a little but he's been a good student and has kept up to his work and is on track.

1 day to do anything

1. id love to go sky diving its been a dream of mine for awhile .

2. fly back home to Maryland to see my family and my friends

3. swim with sharks because sharks are my favorite animal and id love to be up close with one .

4. jump off a clif into a river, i'm an danger seeking person so id love to do it .

5. drive an Lamborghini .

1 word to describe me

Adrenaline head because..

1. im a trill seeker i love danger

2. i love being active , i hate sitting around

3. and i know its crazy but pain i love it because it makes me feel as if i should keep pushing forward

2 favorite people in my life

1. my dad because he's always been there for me threw a lot , he's pushed me to do a lot in my life . one of my favorite memories was 1 day we went fishing to gather and i kept getting upset because the fish would always get off my line and i kept wanting to give up , then we showed me how to keep the fish on my line and keep them from snapping it , so its just one of my favorite memories with him .

2. my girlfriend has been a big part of my life for 4 years now she's been there for me threw so much and has shaped me into who i am today , we have lots of memories but one of my favorite would have to be when we were at here house and i was there just to hang out and we were jumping on the trampoline and i was being a show off like usually and i did a back flip and flew off the trampoline and landed it but it was just really funny but scary at the same time for the both of us .

3 important things to me

1. my head phones because , i write music and listen to a lot of music , and music has been a big impact on my life with depression and so much more.

2.my bmx bike because i've been bmxing since i was 10 and its been a big part of my life .

3. My pillow my girlfriend gave me, it means a lot to me because we are now in a long distance relationship over 2,000 miles since i moved here.

1 bizarre memorie from elementary school

in kendagarden i was spinning over while walking threw the hallway on my way to recess and before i realized i turned around i smack right into a pole and busted open my head and now when i look back on it i laugh so hard.

1 of my favorite smell

1. my favorite smell would have to be gas that goes into a car , just because it smells so good