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October 21, 2019

Grades are due TONIGHT!

This is a friendly reminder that grades are due at 11:59 PM tonight!

  • Only grades with due dates from the start of school through and including Friday the 18th will be included on this grade send.
  • Due to UIL eligibility, incompletes must be cleared up by Fri, Oct. 25.
  • Use these instructions to load grades if you have not done so already.
  • Remember, you can find instructions for all things eschool on the Digital Melting Pot!

According to FISD’s 9 Weeks Grading Weights/Minimums, by Friday you should have:

  • Minor assignments/assessments: at least 6
  • Major assignments/assessments: at least 2

If you have questions about what you should do with a student grade in a given situation, please contact an administrator. If you have questions about how to do something in eSchool or how eschool functions, you can direct those to me :)

You can view all grade send deadlines here.

FEEDBACK NEEDED- What Chrome Extensions do your students need?

We are going to be taking away students' ability to load their own Chrome extensions. You can probably guess why. For that reason, we need to know what Chrome extensions your students need access to. I will be able to add those so that students will be able to access them.

Please use this form to submit requests for extensions.


  • We will have a NEW Chromebook solution coming WEDNESDAY called Classroom. This will allow you to see what students are doing on their screens, lock their screens, share your screen with your class and more.
  • You can learn more about Classroom by taking a QUICK online class here. This is worth a new Blazer Button! I recommend EVERY TEACHER take this class.
  • To access Classroom (starting Wednesday) you will visit https://classroom.relay.school in a browser and sign in with Google.
  • This is all part of a new web filter called Relay launching Wednesday for our campus. If you have issues with a blocked web site, please put in a HelpDesk Ticket.
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Last full week of DIgital Citizenship Month!

Don't forget to check out the Digital Citizenship posts we have been sending out through Twitter. You can follow me @Hamptech or check out the recap of the posts here.
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State of the Chromebooks

Broken: None?!?!? TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!

Fixed: None were broken last week

Online PD Opportunity

All Levels: All Roads Lead to Web 2.0 (Online)

28Oct - 22Nov

Want to expand your repertoire of various online Web 2.0 tools and to utilize these tools (hands-on) in the classroom but just do not have the time to sit or the opportunity to apply what you learned in an after school staff development? Join us for this ONLINE technology workshop conducted through Canvas. This course will consist of 3 modules utilizing one online Web 2.0 tools per module.

Each module will allow you to explore specific online Web 2.0 tools with resources on how to use these tools. You will be required to submit products utilizing these online tools (per module). You may complete as many modules as you would like and one hour of non-contract professional development hours for each module completed will be earned. This course is designed for classroom teachers only.