Locker and Bag Searches:

Are they really necessary?

Violation of 4th Amendment

A student at age 13 was accused of having drugs. After the administration searched her belongings, she was sent to the nurse. The nurse then told her to take off her clothes, all the way down to her undergarments. Then, the girl had to shake out said undergarments, therefore exposing body parts. This is a major violation of privacy to this teen.

Football Game Bag Search? I Don't Think So

Many people are against pre-game bag searches. The lines are insanely long and it is completely unnecessary. They apparently keep the fans "safe", but it is offensive to the 4th Amendment of unreasonable searches and seizures. All we want to do is go to a football game! Our bags shouldn't have to be searched!

Do We Seriously Let This Happen?

Lockers and bags are meant to be used, not searched!

Interviews With Students

R.F : How do you feel about locker and bag searches?

6th Grader: I don't like them at all. They invade our privacy, and should be outlawed.

R.F : What is your opinion on locker and bag searches?

T.C : Policemen should have the right to protect the school against drugs. However, it does offend our rights.

Which one makes more sense? That's right. The first.

By: Riley Francis