Impacts of Technology on Careers

Nia Mitchell, Josh Rollins, Howard Wood


JOB: Accountant

Technology as an accountant has changed because in the old days they used to use pens, paper, and calculators to balance the books and verify the ledgers are accurate. Now they use processing tools and specialized accounting software. These new technologies have dramatically improved accuracy in the field and reduce the margin of error.

Government and Public Administation

JOB: Mayor

Health Science

JOB: Paramedic

In the older days paramedics didn't have way to transmit ECG telemetry to the base or hospital, but now they have designed Ultra High Frequency (UHF) channels were designated for use of voice transmissions from paramedic and physician.

Hospitality and Tourism

Human Services

JOB: Psychologist

A psychologist is able to send information between clients to best support them, and tell them what they need to do. Clients are also able to transmit money to the company in order to be treated.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

JOB: Farmers

Technology affects farmers in many ways. Back around 200 years ago, 90% of the population were farmers, each could feed around 19 people. Now only 2% are farmers and they can feed 155 people each. Farmers now use tractors, and plow machines to automatically harvest crops.They also use sprinklers to water plants. Farmers use biochemical engineering to enhance how an animal may taste, or how long it will live till it’s meat goes rotten. There are also milking machines that harvest more milk from cows than ever before.

Architecture and Construction

JOB: Architect

For architects, power tools have come quite in handy. These power tools can drill much faster than anyone could ever imagine, and they sometimes use lasers to put a hole in something. There are also walkie talkies which are used for communicating between each other. Bungees also help urban architects who have to build very high up.

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication

JOB: Camera Operator

Camera Operators would not even be able to work without cameras! There are new advancements in camera creations each year thanks to Cannon and R0de (a microphone company). There are also new editing programs to help produce better videos / movies.

Business, Management, and Administration

JOB: Human Resource Management

A human resource management is able to communicate much faster thanks to technology. They no longer have to meet up with a person in public in order to transfer information. They can also set information on a website to let everyone know what is happening, and who is doing what.

Education and Training

JOB: Counselor

Counselors are able to transmit information to parents and teachers much faster now. They are also able look at the grades of students and see how they are doing in school. Speakers in schools help transmit information to everyone in the school, and let everyone in the school know what they need to do and when.