Megladons & why they Disappeared

by:Tyler Giggey

Facts about The megladon species

Have you ever wondered what a megladon was? well to start it was a shark,that also went extinct over two million years ago.Experts believe that megladons were 60 feet long or 18.3 meters. Megladons also had 276 teeth at any given time! They also weighed 200,000 pounds. But one of the most terrifying things of all a bought this terrifying creature of the deep was the size of these beasts teeth roughly the size of a full grown adults hand! The megladon speciesate about 2,500 pounds a day

The Mystery of how and why the Megladon species vanished

Scientists believe that during the rapid climate change due to the ice age many large whales which (megladons fed upon) died or traveled to warmer waters,this resulted in a food shortage and as you know on average they ate 2,500 pounds a day and to have their main food supply practically gone and also have hungry competitors that didn't exactly eat to fu. This likely led to their extinction.

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