The Columbian Exchange

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What is the Columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange is an exchange between Europe and the Americas.

Some of the bad things about the exchange...

1.The diseases! The Columbian Exchange wasn't just food. It also traded death! The exchange also gave the Natives smallpox. They weren't immune to it so they died.

2. Potatoes! Now you may think " Whats so bad about potatoes." Well, nothing. It's what the potatoes became. After the Europeans brought back potatoes it kinda became a disease.

3. Ireland! Now like the other one Ireland's not the problem. It goes back to #2. That fungus that grew onto the potatoes. Well that's the plant that's in a lot of their food so when they eat the potatoes they either A. die or B. moved away before they ate the potatoes.

The good things about the Columbian Exchange

Some good things about the Columbian Exchange

1. My meatballs! Yes the most famous thing at the Impossible Meal party wouldn't have been possible without the Columbian Exchange.

2. Elaina's Chocolate covered Pineapple! Yet another thing that was from the Impossible Meal party wouldn't be possible without Columbus.

3.Native hunting! One thing that happened before the 21st century was that Natives got horses. The horses improved hunting so much that it took minutes to kill buffalo.