Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser How-To

BISD uses a modified version of Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to help students take tests more securely.
This method is not "foolproof", but is currently the best method to do online testing in a secure manner.

Moodel Set-up

To be able to use SEB with Moodle Quizzes, you must enable it on each quiz.

1. Log in to your Moodle course, find your quiz or create your quiz.
2. Click on quiz settings.
3. Under Extra restrictions on attempts, click "show more."

Selecting Browser Security

Change the browser security to "Require the use of Safe Exam Browser."
Quiz is now ready.

Taking the Quiz

  1. All students have Safe Exam Browser installed on their computer. Students should first open Safe Exam Browser. It is in their application or use Spotlight to search for it. SEB acts just like any other internet browser.
  2. Verify that the students Titlebar is RED.
  3. Once you have verified they are using SEB, students can navigate to Moodle, log-in, and find the quiz.
  4. Students cannot exit the SEB without the Super Secret Password. To get the password, go to and log-in.
  5. The password will regenerate every 12 minutes. Do not let the students see the password. I would have them bring you their computer, and you then enter the code.
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