PGMS Press

October 2018 - Issue 1

Fall is in the air - By: Amber Harper and Anaya Phillips

Fall is one of the best seasons, there’s so many things to do.

Such as:

1. Jumping in the fall leaves

2. Dressing up for Halloween


4. Going for hayrides

5. Go apple picking

6. Go for a hot-air balloon ride

7. Play a game of two-hand touch football

8. Make a pinecone bird feeder

9. Get lost in a corn maze

10. Rent a cabin the mountains

Click on the link to see more Fall Fun Things to Do!

Animation - By: Logan Cowell and Jaden Leon

Do you want to get into animation? Well, first of all you need to know what it is. Animation is simply the movement of puppets or models to make it seem like they are moving. One type of animation is the post it note animation this is drawing each frame and redrawing repeatedly. The other is the movement of puppets like nodes which is easier but looks more unrealistic.

Some great websites to get started animation with are Flipaclip and Stick Nodes. If you are using an android, computer, iphone doesn’t matter, these websites are available to all! Say you were to start with stick nodes. You should experiment and try to find out how to make your first figure. Your first figure doesn't have to look amazing, it just has to be animatable. If you were to start with Flipaclip, you should buy a stylus or a bamboo pad then just practice with drawing figures. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Feature Teacher - Meet Ms. Diegelman By: Machai Clark

How long have you been teaching?

This is my 10th year of teaching and my 12th year in education.

What made you become a teacher?

My middle school social studies/ELA teacher was so much fun! She had a way of making each lesson special and made me feel like I could always do my best.

Did you always want to teach social studies?

Yes! I cannot imagine teaching any other subject. History is like a great, adventurous, and emotional story!

Where else have you taught in?

I taught at West Chatham Middle School in Savannah, GA, completed a leadership internships at John Dickinson High School in Wilmington, DE, and now this is my fifth year at PGMS.

Did you ever think of changing your job(from teaching)?

No. I really enjoy my job. I appreciate the people I work with and I think the students at PGMS are smart, funny, kind, and interesting!

Any hobbies?

I like to go kayaking, help my daughter with her Show and Tell crafts for pre-school, spend time with friends/family, and go to the movies.

How was your experience in school?

For the most part, I enjoyed school. My most difficult year was 9th grade because I transitioned from a very small school to a very large one and felt like I had to start over completely! Otherwise, I had a small group of really trustworthy and kind friends who made school fun and we had the same goals as me for the future.

Did you decide to have kids because you love your job?

I decided to have a child because I knew that being a mother was an experience that I would love and that I could learn and grow from. Blakesley is the best part of my life and I often think about what she will be like when she is in middle school!

At your first school job as a teacher what grade did you teach?

I taught a social studies elective course to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. It supplemented their regular social studies course with an emphasis on multiculturalism.

What was your favorite job before teaching?

I worked at a grocery store called Shop ‘n Save. I was a cashier and a ton of my friends from high school worked there too. I also worked at my dad’s restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Why is Reading Good? By: Anonymous

Reading a good book, no matter what topic, can be great for your brain. The more you read, the more you’ll learn and the bigger your brain will grow. From learning new vocabulary to finding fun facts, reading equals gaining knowledge. Finding a book you’re interested in can also help you relax your mind. If you can get comfortable in a quiet room and indulge yourself in the pages, you’ll be able to relieve stress and anxiety.

Reading also helps improve empathy. Empathy being the ability to share feelings with and comfort others. Reading fiction helps you relate and understand the characters. While reading, you comprehend the characters’ conflicts and situations, helping prepare you for real life problems. Think of it like this; reading is like a flight simulator. It helps you practice solving problems and empathizing to prepare you for real-world circumstances.

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PGMS 7th Grade Girls Soccer Team - By: Sophie Lapic

So far this year, Pottsgrove Girls Soccer has faced many challenges. In a game against Boyertown East the girls had many injured and were down by 7 players! It didn't stop them from trying their best. During the game against OJR, the girls suffered another two injuries. Though the girls were down so many, it didn’t stop them from trying. The girls put out their best effort during their games and hope to soon win one!

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Band Halloween Parade

Pottsgrove Middle School Band and the Halloween Parade: By Sara Yost

This year the Pottsgrove Middle School Band has already been practicing for the Halloween Parade and the concert. The Halloween parade is on October 23. The Halloween parade is in Pottstown and is where we are going to be marching . We are going to be playing “ Shut Up and Dance”. We have been working hard memorizing the song and learning new notes. We have been practicing early in the morning on the track.

For the Christmas concert, we are going to be playing Fantasia on “Christmas Comes Anew” and many more songs. We hope our fellow students and teachers will come support us at our concerts and cheer us on at the parade.

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Nature Preserve: Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

By: Kassandra Barry

Have I ever been to hawk mountain? Yes, I have been there 58 times! My family has a membership at Hawk Mountain. Hawk Mountain is the first raptor conservation. The history is kinda depressing but with a good ending.

In 1929, the Pennsylvania Game Commission placed a $5 price tag on the goshawk's head—a grand sum at the time” so someone actually took pictures of all the dead hawks and they were eventually seen by the founder of Hawk Mountain. He was a New York conservation activist, Rosale Edge.

In 1938 and ever since then it is still a nonprofit organization. This is one of my favorite places to go in the fall because at the north lookout there are hundreds of monarch butterflies that pass through and the best time to see a hawk is in the morning because that's when the raptors (species of bird that primarily hunt and feed on vertebrates that are large relative to the hunt) are hunting except for owls because they are nocturnal.

If you ever want to visit Hawk Mountain you can get more information by clicking on the link Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

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PGMS Cheerleading By: Ashlyn Freese (A PGMS Cheerleader)

The PGMS Cheerleaders worked hard to make the squad. They had to prove to the cheer coach, Mrs. Koch, that they are cheer worthy and full of Falcon spirit. Their first game was to cheer at an 8th grade football team. The boys won 14-13 with the help of the cheerleaders cheering them on of course! The cheerleaders had to remember many cheers and make sure their mistakes weren’t noticeable. They had to perfect every motion and stand perfectly still when watching the game. But in the end, with a helping hand, and the support of Mrs. Koch, the PGMS Cheerleaders will pull each other together as a big cheer family.

The cheerleaders look forward to cheering and hopefully winning the games in the future. They also look forward to learning new cheers for basketball season. They can’t wait to participate in pep rallies and to show spirit to the whole school. With their bow’s up high and the smiles marked on their faces, the football and basketball players should feel proud to have such big, cheerful fans.

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PGMS Chorus - By: Abby Breidenbach

The PGMS Chorus is working and practicing for a performance in December. They are singing many Christmas songs including the song “Believe” from the famous movie “The Polar Express”. They’re working hard to get ready for this event. Mrs. Bean is working very hard as well, preparing for this event and selecting great, fun-filled songs for the PGMS Chorus to sing. They appreciate all that Mrs. Bean is doing to help them, and working her hardest to make the PGMS Chorus run smoothly. The PGMS Chorus is a one big family.

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PGMS Yearbook Club - By: Abigail Breidenbach

The PGMS Yearbook Club just had their first meeting and we are working extremely hard to create this year’s yearbook. Mrs. Frasca and the yearbook club are choosing great layouts and backgrounds for the pages.

If you order your yearbook before October 31st, you get a 10% DISCOUNT! The information is posted on Schoology which was posted on Tuesday, October 9. or click on the link below for the order form. Thanks!

PGMS 2018-2019 Yearbook

Going Going Gone? By: Lydia Bassett

Natural resource depletion is an important issue facing the world. Natural resources such as water, oil, and forests are in danger of someday being depleted. About 18 million acres of forest are lost to deforestation each year. Fossil fuels are expected to supply almost 80% of the world's energy use through 2040.

Common minerals ( like indium, manganese ) are used to make your cell phone, your computer light bulbs, and even medicines. Imagine not being able to put gas in your car. That's why natural resources depletion is such an important issue. People can help lessen the dependency on oil and other fossil fuels by using solar power, wind power, and other renewable energy sources.

6th Grade Survey - By: Saudia Russell and Riley Cowell

We asked a few sixth graders some questions how they feel about middle school.

Question - How do you like middle school so far?

It's a nice environment and since it's the first year, I do feel comfortable.

Question - Are you thinking of joining any clubs this year?

I want to join the PGMS Press and Falcon Friends

Question - What are your goals for the next three years at the middle school?

To get good grades, hopefully straight A’s and to learn the school layout.


The lunch lines are too long. Maybe the tables can not be called all at the same time.