Harriet Martineau:

The Female Sociologist Point of View

Martineau: First Female in the Field

Harriet Martineau was the first female to make waves in the field of sociology. Because she believed in a link between women's oppression & slavery, Martineau was the first to introduce the concept of feminism & how it shaped the way societies grow. She was an influence to many American women sociologists such as Jane Addams who advocated for women's suffrage & wanted to rid the world of the imbalance of power between man & women.

Get to know my sociologist friends

  • Auguste Comte- I translated some of his works. He is known as the Father of Sociology
  • Herbert Spencer- may argue women don't have the necessary traits to be the "fittest"; however he may agree that society should be reformed
  • Karl Marx- would agree that some classes and groups are oppressed
  • Emile Durkeim- may argue feminists try to venture out of their specialized roles which would therefore cause and imbalance in the interdependence of a community
  • Max Weber- if he put himself in the shoes of a woman he would understand the oppression women and other lower class people feel
  • Jane Addams- she was concerned with women's suffrage and discrimination which are fueled by my idea of feminism
  • W.E.B. DuBois- someone who wrote about racial discrimination would agree with my disapproval of slavery
I loved writing and many of my theories and works were political.