Haley's Coaching Corner

---------------Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!


  • Kinder, 1st, & 4th all had great extra Collaborative Learning half days this week! We have some innovative teachers here at Elliott!
  • We have received amazing math resources for 4th & 5th grades from the district this week!


Mentoring Minds Motivation Math:

Our campus received 2 Teacher Editions per grade level (1st-5th) in addition to 23 Student Editions per grade level. Please notice the copyright in these books. In order to receive the TEs the district had to order the SEs. You will be receiving this resource soon, as well as ways to use it without breaking copyright.


  • Writing: The K-5 4th Nine Weeks Writing is now available in Eduphoria Forethought. Writing samples and conferring videos have been added!
  • Reading: A document has been created that gives some guidance on how to use technology for grouping students based on the cluster pre-assessments; as well as how to use technology to create formative assessments. This document will be linked in cluster 7, however we wanted you to have it now. Please review Tools for Grouping Students and Creating Formative Assessments.
  • The 5th Grade Testing Genre has been added to cluster 6 in Eduphoria Forethought.

District PD

Please register for the district Math and ELAR PDs. You can find the PDs listed in Eduphoria Workshop by date. Be sure to register for your PD at least a couple days before, as sometimes it will not let you register within a 24 hour period of the event.

Math PDs:

March 22 - Kinder @ 3:10 (IC Room)

*These are done on campus in an interactive format so all team members who teach math can attend. Special Pops are also welcome to attend.


Please note the change for first grade professional learning. This change has been made in Eduphoria Workshop and teachers who were already registered have been notified via email. Thank you!

*Only 1 team member needs to attend the ELAR PD. Please make arrangements with your team for them to cover your class until your return.

From C&I:

We are excited about the professional learning scheduled for the spring! Teachers are bringing an example/artifact of how they have used the ELAR cluster pre-assessments to create CFAs. They will be sharing ideas and reflecting on our learning with these guiding questions:

Please be prepared to answer the following question about your artifact:

  • How has this artifact allowed for targeted differentiation for students?
  • What is the evidence of student learning from your artifact?
  • How is student growth measured and celebrated with this artifact?