Traveling to Mexico

By: Brandon Striegel

About US

We are a foreign exchange program that helps students travel to other foreign countries. Our goal is to provide fun traveling experiences, that are also safe and educational. We first provide students and their families with information on foreign countries and their exchange programs. This flyer is about traveling to Mexico. We hope you enjoy this information, and your trip.

Facts about Mexico

The official name for mexico is the United Mexican states.

The capital city of mexico is Mexico City

The official national symbol of mexico is the golden eagle.

The main language spoken in mexico is Spanish.

The most popular sport is football (Soccer).

The money currency in mexico is the peso.

Climate and Geography

There are two main mountain ranges that cover mexico. The Seirra Madre Oriental range in the east and the Sierra Madre Occidental in the west. There are also rain forests since the equator is present in mexico.

Mexico is generally very dry & hot because Mexico city lies on a desert. The coldest temperature it will get is around 45 degrees. Snow is only found in the high parts of the mountain ranges. If you are traveling to the southern part of Mexico, there is more precipitation likely.

Holidays in Mexico

  • Independence day: The true Independence day for Mexico is not Cinco de Mayo like Americans think. The true and celebrated Independence Day for mexico is on September 16th. This date marks the country's separation from Spain. Cinco de mayo is a different holiday for Mexico, which marks the Mexican military victory over the french in 1862. This holiday is more celebrated in the U.S. in mexico.
  • The Day of the Dead is November 1st and 2nd and celebrates the diseased. Some people compare it to the american holiday Halloween. This holiday combines catholic and indigenous rituals.
  • The Feast of our Lady Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12th. This is a major Mexican holiday that celebrates the appearance of the Virgin Mary (Who is a patron saint of mexico) To an Indian man during Spanish rule.

Mexican foods

Mexican food is known for it's range of flavors and spices. The typical Mexican diet includes staples such as corn or wheat tortillas. Other popular foods include beans, rice, tomatoes, and chorizo. Popular dishes in mexico are empanadas, tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Mexico is also known for it's tequila, Which is made from the agave cactus. Mexican food is popular in Europe & the Americas as well.

Compatibility with the United States

I give the compatibility score between the United States and Mexico B.

The United States has many immigrants from Mexico, and they are bringing their culture with them. The Spanish language is being spoken more and more in the U.S. and the southern part of the United States has a comparable climate as well. The reason it is not an A is because economically the United States is much better.