Henry Shearer

All About Me

These are some of my hobbies

Playing sports; I love to play baseball and football.

I also like to collect and wear baseball hats.

I enjoy building LEGO structures. I have built a haunted house, Haugwarts and a faulkin

I like making Stop Motion movies.

I like to ride my bike, I ride it to school every day.

I also like to go to camp Pine Cove, this year i went with my friend.

I love to swim i have won many first place ribbons.

My favorite foods

Some of my favorite foods are steak and pizza and pasta.

My favorite restaurant is a Italian restaurant named Bravo.

My favorite colors

My Three favorite colors are red,white and black because they are the color of the Bulls and Blackhawks and I just like the color red.

My favorite sports teams

My favorite sports teams are the Blackhawks, Bears and the White sox. I like these teams the most because I like Chicago the most.

My favorite college team Illinois because that's were my dad went to collage.

My Family

A two crazy brothers a sporty dad a funny mom and a wild dog.