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Friday, September 24th, 2021



Dear Worthington Park Families,

Good Afternoon Shark Families!

What an amazing week here at Worthington Park. Today we wrapped up an exciting Spirit Week with our annual Walk-A-Thon. I was beyond proud to see all of the students who walked, jogged, and even ran throughout the day in hopes of raising money for our school. A special thank you to our PTA for organizing the event and a major thank you to all parents who were able to come and volunteer throughout the day. We look forward to another great week at Park starting on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend and GO SHARKS!

-Principal Garrity



Parent Teacher Conferences

We are excited to share that our Parent Teacher Conference week is quickly approaching. Worthington Park will be hosting our conferences during the week of October 11th. Classroom teachers will be reaching out to families with a link to sign up for a conference. We are holding after-school conferences on Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday the 13th from 3 pm - 7:30 pm. Conferences can either be in person or on Zoom. Please share your preference with your child's teacher.

Review and Update your Emergency Information

Each school year, our front office staff and teachers review student emergency information to ensure everything is up to date. Please take a minute to log into our system and ensure that we have your correct contact information as well as emergency medical information. Linked here is Step by Step Directions for this review process!

This is the same site you will use for other district permission forms such as Field Trips, Directory information, etc. We ask that all families review and update their information no later than September 30th. Thank you!

Reporting a case of Covid or close contact exposure

If your child tests positive for Covid-19 or has a "close contact exposure" outside of school, please complete a report at this link or call the Covid hotline at 614-450-3900.

Interested in Volunteering at Worthington Park?

We are looking for Parent Volunteers to help with our Upcoming Book Fair and other events around the school.

Here is a link to the Worthington Schools' Volunteer Website/Badge Process which can give you more information about how to register as a Volunteer. ***If you have previously completed the background check to be a volunteer, check your picture ID badge that was given by our Human Resource Department. Each badge does have an expiration date printed.

Thank you again for being a huge part of Worthington Park Elementary and Worthington Schools!

Wondering How to Pay School Fees & Kdg Tuition?

In Worthington Schools, we use an online site called MyPaymentsPlus.com. To get started you you will need your Student ID# (available on Infinite Campus.)

*If you need your parent login information for Infinite Campus, click Password Recovery Link

***Need help navigating the site? Here are Parent Instructions for Infinite Campus

Just a reminder, the yearly instruction fee for students are as follows:

  • Kdg = $24
  • 1st-3rd = $42
  • 4th-5th = $36

Student Instructional Fees are due by September 30.

All-Day Kindergarten Tuition is due on the 15th of each month. This is the same website that you will use when students have Field Trips in the Spring and may need to submit additional payments for those.

We Need Your Feedback!

The community-led task force is considering five possible options for the next phase of the Master Facilities Plan.

Please watch the presentation, review the options and take the survey at: www.worthington.k12.oh.us/mfp2

Planning for Safety in our Schools

The safety of our staff, students, and community is always a priority in Worthington Schools

Statistics show that when staff and students within a school are prepared with knowledge and practice, they respond to emergency situations with positive results. For that reason, schools have always engaged in routines, drills and learning that support everyone’s safety.

Historically, our schools have participated in the following safety drills:

A. Fire Drills that provide knowledge about reporting fire hazards, and experience with a safe evacuation of the building using multiple exits

B. Weather Drills that provide knowledge about how to be calm and safe in the event of weather-related events (such as a tornado), and experience with locating sheltered space within the building in which safety is maximized.

C. Lock-Down Drills that provide knowledge about circumstances in which free movement in and around the building is curtailed (such as neighborhood disturbances or unruly school visitors), and experience with locking down the school perimeter, classrooms, and common areas to keep students safe in a secure area until the circumstance passes.

D. Rally-Point Drills that provide knowledge about exiting the building safely, (such as a gas leak or unsafe school visitor), and experience with walking to a predetermined safe space.

Public schools are required by Ohio law to engage in a "Full Scale" Safety Drill every three years. A "Full Scale" drill is one that combines traditionally practiced drills and will include a controlled classroom lockdown and simulated evacuation of the school, including processes to move students away from the school building in the case of the presence of danger at school.

Worthington school staff have been trained in emergency response using the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training model. Part of this training for staff included how to take additional countermeasures during a “lockdown” to facilitate students in an evacuation to a school “Rally Point” from which students could be transported to a “reunification” location to be joined with parents/guardians. Reunification points may vary, but the Worthington Education Center (WEC) would be considered first.

Prior to conducting the full scale safety drill, it is important to prepare students for participation in an age-appropriate manner.

During the month of September, our elementary Library Media Staff will be sharing an age-appropriate informational picture book with students in grades K-2. The book outlines awareness building for students and includes teaching about a school rally point, which students will locate and visit. Students in grades 3-5 have participated in this read-aloud previously. Should you like to preview the book, please reach out to your building principal.

Additionally, in the days leading up to each building’s full-scale drill, classroom teachers will lead students in an age-appropriate discussion that allows students to understand the steps involved in completing the full-scale drill. The purpose of this is to eliminate any feelings of surprise and to allow students to know what to expect.

Our schools are great communities for learning. Being prepared for unplanned interruptions is one way to build confidence for ultimate student safety. The safety of our staff, students, and community is always our priority.


All Worthington Buildings are Nut Free

Just a reminder that all buildings in Worthington Schools are nut-free as they were last year. We want to create a PEANUT/NUT FREE environments in order to protect students with life-threatening allergies. Parents and guardians are asked NOT TO PACK SCHOOL LUNCHES or send any food items to school that contain NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS.



  • September 27th- Middle of 1st Trimester

  • October 11-14th- Parent-Teacher Conference Week

  • October 12th- Conferences at Park from 3 pm - 7:30 pm

  • October 13th- Conferences at Park from 3 pm - 7:30 pm

  • October 12th / 13th- Book Fair

  • October 15th- No School

  • October 18th- School Safety Drill

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