Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday

September 29, 2015

Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Welcome to the first Tech Tips and Tricks Tuesday newsletter of the 2015 - 2016 school year! Every other week, I'll send out this newsletter with lots of different suggestions on ways to integrate technology in the classroom. I try and keep the newsletters short and will provide links to resources if you want to learn more. If there's anything you'd like me to feature, please let me know! Oh, and yes, I know it's not Tuesday, but I figured I'd send it out early this week!
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Diigo Web Bookmarking Tool

If you're like me, you save A LOT of bookmarks as you browse the web. After awhile, it's hard to find the link you want, even if you have your favorites organized by folder. I now use Diigo (pronounced Dee-Go), a great Web 2.0 tool which helps organize my bookmarks. Here are a few highlights of what you get with a FREE teacher account:

  • Share Lists/Outliners with anyone - This is helpful if you're gathering resources that you want to share with colleagues or students.
  • Highlight and annotate saved PDFs
  • Create keywords for all links, it makes it easy to find them later
  • Save screenshots and images
  • Create accounts for students so they can save and share favorites - great for collecting and saving research links

There are other benefits, you can find a full list on the Plans and Pricing page on the Diigo website (see link below). I also provided a link to one of my Diigo Outliners as an example, notice the gray "tags" at the bottom which helps to make sorting a lot easier.

Signing into the Chrome Browser

Here are just a few of the benefits of signing into Chrome. Once you are signed in, watch for a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle at the top of the page, that means that you need to sign-in again. That's Chrome's way of making sure you're you! Below are links on how to sign-in to Chrome for the first time and also how to create multiple Chrome logins.