Join the short EVS in Lorca - Music & Art Summer School

What is it all about

Cazalla Intercultural will host in the month of July the short term EVS project that aims to create the artistic activities for the children and youth of Lorca during the time of summer. This project in implemented in the partnership with youth organizations from Finland, Greece, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia and France. If you want to join us and support youth in Lorca, please contact directly the partner organization.
The project is open for 21 young people - 3 from each partner country.

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YOUTHMASS - short term EVS in Lorca

Friday, July 1st, 10am to Sunday, July 31st, 9pm

Av de las Fuerzas Armadas

Lorca, Región de Murcia

The Youthmass project starts from an idea of Cazalla Intercultural, as an attempt to respond to some challenges and demands of young people of Lorca during the summer months. The risk of social exclusion, lack of real opportunities to participate in any leisure activity in summer is a reality for those who cannot leave the city during the holidays, and this happens to a growing number of young people, especially immigrants and Roma communities. Missing meeting places, learning activities and the exchange of ideas, which are the basis of the reasons that led the local NGO to fight for these opportunities and writing this project. And to do it together with European volunteers is the best way to go for learning, experience, impact, peer learning.

The main objectives are to develop competences and basic skills (communication, self-esteem, express their own needs, intercultural learning, ...) of European volunteers and young people from Lorca, both groups with fewer opportunities; learn to use ICT (video, computer programs, ..); improve communication in foreign languages (English and Spanish); motivate them to be active citizens and to take initiative; acquire new knowledge and develop organizational skills, creativity and working with youth groups skills. All of this through activities as Street Art, music, dance, video-making etc., youth workshops and interactive talks on EVS and Erasmus + in Lorca. We also think of the smaller ones from the poorest Hood of Lorca, with which volunteers would work two mornings per week, doing fun and educational activities at the same time. The activities are based on principles of non-formal education, through which volunteers learn not only new knowledge but also skills and attitudes and to question where the main focus will be on peer learning.
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The project is open for all young people between 18 and 30 years old from Poland, Finland, Italy, Greece, France, Macedonia and Bulgaria who has passion for art, and want to create artistic activities for and with the young people in Lorca.

If you are:
  • flexible and with the sense of initiative
  • doing some artistic stuff by yourself - interested in the different forms of art – theater, music, dance, video, visual arts etc.
  • like to work with young people
  • can work in the group
  • are able to share the room for one month and live in somehow community - we don´t have any created community, but since volunteers share rooms and cook together the feeling of community will definately be created.

you are a perfect candidate.

We will prioritize those who have no chance to actively participate in any kind of learning mobility or are discouraged by their economic, social, geographical location, etc. We will seek for gender balance.

Few words about conditions

Support for the volunteers:
The dates of the project are 1-31 of July 2016, that means that those days we have the activities planned already for you. The 1st of July starts your on arrival training. Therefore the travelling days needs to be 30th of June and 1st of August.
Support for the volunteers:

We will offer the quick learning support in form of the Spanish class that will take place twice per week. As well each volunteer will have mentor – there will be one mentor for max. of 4 volunteers. We will provide as well 4 supervisor of activities that will be assigned into 4 different task groups.

On Arrival training

The training will be organized by the stuff of Cazalla Intercultural, during the first 3 days of the stay of volunteers – from 1st till 3rd of July 2016.

Working hours:

Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Sundays and Mondays are free, but volunteers may voluntarily participate in proposals from different Youth organizations from Lorca, who will organize cultural and leisure activities for them.


Volunteers will live in a Youth Hostel, located in the same building where will the youth center. Volunteers will be sharing rooms with at least 3 other people. Each room has a special design of the different TV series. Boys and girls will have separate rooms and bathrooms. There are in total 3 bathrooms with 9 showers. The hostel is located on Avenida Fuerzas Armadas, 10 minutes from the center of Lorca, also has Internet connection. There is a living room with and kitchen, where volunteers will cook together and spend their free time.


Volunteers will be responsible for cooking food for the whole group. Each working day we will make a shift of 3 people who will be responsible for shopping and cooking for the whole group (lunch and diner). There will be a specific amount of money diver for each day. For the free days and days where volunteers will take their holidays, each person will receive the total of 80€ for managing their own food.

During the on arrival training the cook will be provided and prepared by our cook.

It is recommended that the volunteer will bring with them some easy receipts that can be done in big quantities.


Each volunteer will receive 132€, during the first days of stay in Lorca.

Do you want already to participate?

Please look for the information from the partner organization from where you got the link to this place. Each partner has his/her own system of pre-selection of the volunteers.
Registration Form

Please first contact the partner organization in your country to check upon their recrutation proces regulations.

Here you can see the video from the last year project

EVS Youthmade