By: Katie Dillman

About Titian

Titian was born in Dolomite village of Cadore in about 1490. He was trained in ventian workshops of Gentile and Giovanni Bellin. The type of works that he did was paintings. Titian did portraits, religious works, historical subjects, and mythological paintings.The Vendramin Family, The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, Venus and Adonis, and Portrait of Jacopo Strada are some of Titian's paintings. The works that he had done. got him to travel to different places to do my creation. He traveled to Spain, Rome, Bologna, and Venice. Along in Titian's life, he got help from Giovanni Bellini, Giorgione, Charles V, and Philip II.

The Gypsy Madonna

The Gypsy Madonna was created in 1510. What so significant about this piece is the baby ant the mother, because the baby could represent Jesus Christ and the mother could represent Virgin Mary.Titan used to make this painting is oils and pastels.The painting is at Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria. What I found so interesting about this piece is that they are both looking down at something. I am curious of what they are looking at. This painting represent secularism, because in the Renaissance people were starting to realize that religion shouldn't a play a big role in society. In the painting, they are both looking down, so maybe they are ashamed from the people who thinks that religion shouldn't be a role in society.

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