Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser


Fast food nation goes over just about all known aspects of the fast food industry, including how they were founded, what is takes for them to operate, and what goes on behind the happy smile of a red nosed clown. "within slaughter houses of renown restaurants such as McDonald's or Wendy's; a employee works for eight and a half hours,he is know as the a 'striker', his or her job is to do nothing but stand in a river of blood precisely slitting the throats of cattle every ten seconds or so."

Author's Purpose

To inform: Schlosser isn't trying to get people to stop eating at their favorite restaurants, he is just wanting people to be aware of what these companies within our nation are all about.

Three Concepts

  • The fast food industries are a lot more shady than they appear.
  • One of the techniques used at slaughter houses is shooting the cattle in the head with rod launchers to knock them unconscious at times they miss and causing them to have to shoot the cows multiple times. This is considered humane.
  • Slaughter house workers are payed to not report injury, most of the employees are usually immigrants this being said, they are afraid of losing their one source of income to support their families.

Greatest Impression

The greatest impression made on me was finding out about the struggle immigrant workers have in slaughter houses. They are willing to give up all of their rights as human beings to maintain a mediocre paying job. They wouldn't even report in if someone lost a finger, because losing their job meant losing everything. (175) "They're trying to deter you, period, from going to the doctor."

Book Rating

I would rate this book a shaky 3.5. First of all it may not be too fair, but non-fiction books do not appeal to me all to much. Also i rated a little higher than a 3 because, the books explains somethings people might never come to find out or even care to know. It brings a sense of understanding, allowing us to see an other side of things.

Passage #1

Page 174
The passage talks about how meatpacking "Casanovas" have affairs with multiple female workers. How ever these employees use this as a kind of way to "gain a secure place in American society, a green card, a husband or at very least a transfer to an easier job"

Passage #2

Pages 139-140
I included this passage because it explains something that I have been wondering for quite some time in my youth. What exactly are chicken nuggets? I was pretty sure that chickens aren't shaped that way. As it turns out I was right. (139) "I have an idea", Fred Turner "I want chicken fingrer-food without bones, about the size of your thumb. Can you do it?"

Social Issues This Book Raises

The issue I find to be most prominent in this book is the abuse of immigrant employees, It seem that the fact that they aren't legal citizens makes employers believe that they can sexually harass some of them without consequence. Also they find it easier to not have them get medical attention when injured on the job, not having reported injury look good for a supervisor almost as if they are doing their job. Using immigrants in general seems to be the favored option, they get to pay them less and are not liable for anything that happens to them. They treat them as if they are criminal, the lowest of the low. This is an issue.