3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending March 18, 2016

A Note from Mrs. Adams

Just a reminder that we have two field trips coming up after break...

Friday, April 1 - Trenton - bring a bag lunch

Monday - April 4 - wear comfortable walking shoes

Have a wonderful break and safe travels for all of you who go away!


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Writing about Important People

By: Allie, Ryka and Lilly

3A had an AWESOME time in writing! We wrote about noteworthy people we should appreciate. For example, some people wrote about Mr. Dennis, Mrs. Macconi, Mrs. Adams, and even their parents! We chose one person, and wrote examples and reasons why we chose them. Then, when we were all finished, we added more details. Some of them were things like, “I wonder...” and “Why?” and “What if?” and "You might be thinking...".

That’s what we did in Writing!

Drawing Conclusions with Funny Videos

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Drawing Conclusions

by Harry, Liam, and Willy

Every day this week has been the best. Why? Because we watched really funny videos based on drawing conclusions.

They never talked so it made it harder to draw conclusions. But eventually we found the conclusion.

The tip to drawing conclusions is to use connections and clues. Also, use your schema, which means your background knowledge.

Drawing conclusions is tricky but if you know what to do it is easy.

Drawing Conclusions - Making our own Movies

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The Scripts

by Rebecca & Chloe


Have you ever written a script? Well 3A has. We wrote a script for a mini movie. There’s not that much talking at all. It’s quiet, so you have to draw a conclusion about what is happening and about the characters. We made props for the movie. It was so much fun. Most of the props were paper or things that we had in the class. For example Chloe used a keyboard. Rebecca used a pointer, white board, and Popsicle sticks. Those are some of the props we used. What did you use? I hope you get a chance to see our videos.

Jump Rope for Heart

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Jump Rope for Heart

by Sam, Oliver, and Sinjin

This week Mrs. Wisniewski, the P.E. teacher, announced the total for Jump Rope for Heart We raised $16,996! Mr. Bissinger got a buzzcut because we raised so much! The top fundraiser in the school was Julia Bono. She raised over $1,000. She got to cut of Mrs.Wisniewski pony tail!!! And Kat (in our class) was the second highest total in the whole school, so she got to help shave Mr. Bissinger’s hair! Everyone went crazy!

Mrs. Wisniewski announced the top class for fundraising, and it was 4K and… 3A!!! We won 20 extra minutes of recess!! We can’t wait to redeem our recess coupon!

Also congratulations to Kat for winning the Reflections contest through the PTA!!

At our community meeting, we had a chance to share our Chatterpix videos that we made for our Information Books. Liam introduced our class, with some of the other third graders. There's a picture below of him speaking at the meeting.

Introducing Star Student... Anna!