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Summer Info Edition

What if you need help over summer?

Help Desk type things: If you have technology help from now through your return to campus, please use the Summer HelpDesk ticket instead of a regular help desk ticket. If you use the regular one, your issues may not be addressed as quickly.

The summer ticket has the sunflower image on it so you can find it easily.

Help with passwords or logins- call 469-633-6222

Help with Canvas- login to Canvas and look at the announcement for Zoom meeting details when you can get help.

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Learn More about the 1:1 Implementation

If you are looking to learn more about the 1 for All (1:1) initiative, you can do that by visiting the FISD Forward course.

Returning teachers- this is the same course where you took the Classroom Management training in April. Now that piece is only one of three "courses" you can take. There are now two additional pieces you can earn credit for, so be sure to revisit it! The graphic has changed to look like the one above. You are still enrolled, so you should be able to find the course by clicking on the Courses button on the blue navigation bar in Canvas. You may have to click on All Courses to see it in your complete list.

Everyone- here is what you will learn about in the three courses

Course 1

  • 1:1 Program Overview
  • The Teacher Chromebook
  • SAMR Model
  • Blended Learning

Course 2

  • Productivity
  • Quick Wins

Course 3

  • Classroom Management (Returning teachers cannot earn credit for this if they already did the course in April)

Click here to enroll yourself in the course!

TikTok Tech Tips

There are tech tips on TikTok! If you are a TikTok user, do a search for #teachertechtip and get a 60 second PD. Pretty fun. Yes, I realize how nerdy I sound.

Need to learn Canvas?

Canvas PD can be found by....logging in to Canvas! There is an announcement that will run through the summer on your Canvas dashboard which includes links to classes, where to find training, and LIVE SUPPORT! Here is what it says:

Frisco Staff,

If you are interested in learning more about Canvas over the summer, I wanted to point you to some resources that you can access.

If you are new to Canvas and are interested in taking a Frisco ISD created self-paced course, you can use this link (https://fisd.instructure.com/enroll/JA44D9) to self-register for Canvas Level One. We also have a self-paced course which includes some more advanced features called Next Level Canvas which you can self-register for using this link (https://fisd.instructure.com/enroll/9RF97J)

Instructure, the parent company of Canvas, also has a Training Services Portal with self-paced courses, online live trainings and short videos. To access the Training Services Portal, click on the Help Icon on the Global Navigation Bar from anywhere in Canvas and select Training Services Portal. The first thing you’ll see if a tutorial to help guide you through their site.

Finally, if you just need some troubleshooting assistance over the summer, use this Zoom link to access support on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00 AM to Noon from now through July 15th.

(login to Canvas to get to the meeting link and password. I will not post that in a public forum)

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HAPPY SUMMER! Congrats on finishing the craziest year of school ever!