1st Grade Newsletter

January 26 - 30, 2015

So... what did you do at school today???


Reading--making and confirming predictions while reading

Writing--descriptive writing

Grammar--using "was" and "were" correctly in complete sentences

Math--using flats, rods, and units (place value models for hundreds, tens, and ones) to represent numbers up to 120

Science--observe the physical properties of rocks and group them accordingly

Spelling Words--Test on Jan. 26th

Long a (ai, ay)

1. mail

2. chain

3. play

4. rain

5. way

6. day

7. snail

8. gray

9. walked

10. eight


11. rough

12. counting

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Please complete the front and back of your child's permission form to attend our field trip to the Natatorium. We need all forms turned in to your child's teacher this coming week. Thank you to all that have already returned your child's permission form.

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Please be aware... If you want to eat In & Out Burgers at RES Math and Science night, you must PRE-ORDER your meal. You will not be able to purchase a burger the night of the event. Please go to ptaridgeview.com to pre-order your In & Out burger.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Feb. 5th--RES Math and Science Night, 5:00 - 7:30

Tuesday, Feb. 10th--Cook, Norwood, and Sanderson's classes to Natatorium

Feb. 9-13--Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, Feb. 16th--No School (unless we have a bad weather make-up day)

Tuesday, Feb. 17th--Dossey, King, Stanford, and Wright's classes to Natatorium

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. King, Mrs. Stanford, Ms. Sanderson, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Wright, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Dossey (left to right)

Conference time: 12:50 - 1:45