Global Warming

by Grace. M

Global warming is an effect created by carbon dioxide, burning fossil fuels and deforestation. Global warming effects the North Pole, South Pole and everywhere in between. Global warming causes more rain and snow fall across the globe. Global warming is a greenhouse effect, when the heat gets traps in the earth’s atmosphere.

Canada’s Involvement

Canada is involved with helping stop global warming in many ways. Canada helps by protecting lands and species .Also Canada helps by improving water quality and helping to create cars that use 50 percent less fuel are two other ways that Canada helps stop global warming. The Canadian government invested more than $10 billion in energy efficiency and more to help stop global warming. Canada is also helping by improving water quality.

Global Warming Effects In The Future

Global warming has a lot of effects. If global warming continues than there will be stronger hurricanes and storms. Floods and droughts will be more common and less fresh water will be available. Also if global warming continues some species will have to move farther north because snow fall in increases and some of the species that do not move north might become extinct. Also sea level will rise if global warming continues.

Ways To Stop/Prevent Global Warming

There are lots of ways to help stop/ global warming. Planting trees is a good way to help because trees help clean the air. Another way is using less hot water because hot water uses a lot more energy than cold water. Other ways to help stop global warming is not letting heat escape from your house. Also recycling more can help save carbon dioxide.
In conclusion, global warming is a greenhouse effect that effects all parts of the world when the heat gets trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Because of global warming there is more carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere today that there was any point in the last 800,000 years. Canada is still trying to help stop global warming by investing money.
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Global Warming 101