Hundred Days Offensive


What was it?

Did you know that the Allies had taken 17,000 prisoners and captured 330 guns the last phase of the war? It was the final period of World War I. It began on March 21 1918 and took place on the Western Front. The Hundred Days Offensive was a number of battles, during which 30 Canadians and Newfoundlanders earned the Victoria Cross (the highest military award they could get). With the Russians out of the war, Germany had renewed hope for success so it was their last attempt to win. In March 1918, Germans used massive attacks at weak points to drive deep into France. The Allies launched a series of offensive against the Central Powers.


On August 15 1918, French General Ferdinand Foch demanded that British Field Marshal Douglas Haig continue the Amiens offensive. Included in the offensive were the Battle of Amiens and the Battle of the Somme.

With the front line broken, a lot of battles took place as the Allies forced the Germans back to the Hindenburg line. At the end of the battle, the Germans finally tried to make peace and eventually sighed an armistice with the Allies putting an end to the war.