Argus, Odysseus's dog.

Dylan P. XuPeng L.


This dog, Argus, was trained as a puppy. He was never trained well to hunt, so he was never taken out to hunt. At this point, he is treated with a well amount of disrespect. He lays in a pile of leaves, and as Odysseus comes towards him, he notices his voice. Although Odysseus was saddened about Argus, he was forced to cry. Then he said, "I marvel that they leave this hound on the dung pile. A man owned him, but he is dead in a faraway place. Maybe in the deep woods. He was a master with no servants. I shall take care of him."

~Literary Techniches

-Imagery: 'He lay at last on a pile of dung before the gates.'-

-Imagery: 'The owner is dead in a far place.'-

-Metaphor: 'You'd see him swift and strong, he never shrank from any savage thing.'-

-Metaphor: 'Now misery has him in leash.'-

-Metaphor: 'Half the manhood of a man, that day slavery became.'-