Inside Out

Critic: Aristotle

Personal Thoughts on the Movie from Aristotle's Perspective

1. Plot: A little girl named Riley learns to control her emotions in her head as she grows up and her perspectives change.

2. Character: I absolutely love the characters from this film! The main characters include Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. They are the emotions that live inside Riley's head, and they perfectly capture the thought process of the way humans behave. They all have their own personalities (literally), and add both humor and heart to the film.

3. The theme of this film is that without experiencing sadness, one cannot know true happiness.

4. Diction: The diction of the film was child friendly, but portrayed the message equally well to children and adults alike. For example, "You can't focus on what's going wrong, there's always a way to turn things around," is an inspiring message said by Joy.

5. Sound: The sound in "Inside Out" had a pretty big role. The background music helped set the mood during certain moments. The theme music set the perfect setting of a calm place inside of a girl's head. All of the sound effects during the scenes when the characters were inside Riley's head were very interesting, like the different noises of when a new memory was created, or when her personality islands crashed into the pit.

6. Spectacle: The spectacle of the film was so realistic for an animated film. The animation allowed the audience to see the character's emotions and the complex world of Riley's mind.