by: Tyler Smith

The book the Mockingjay is about Katniss Everdeen surviving the capitals attacks, written by Suzanne Collins.

The main conflict

The main conflict of the Mockingjay is internal and external. It is internal because, Katniss believes she has no place in the world. It is external because the capital is trying to kill Katniss.


Main Characters:

Katniss Everdeen

Peeta Mellark


President Snow


Katniss Everdeen is 17 years old, with acid damage hair, sunburnt skin, and ugly scars. She is a good hunter, survivalist, loves her family and willing to do anything to help loved ones.


Some ways the main character Katniss Everdeen is brought to life in Mockingjay is, when Katniss meets Fiinnick and explains that she told Coin she would be the mockingjay. The mockingjay is the symbol of rebellion against the capital.

Also when Katniss is in District 12 she was in the outer villages for two weeks in the rebel hands and the town was divided. All other districts had control from the capital except district two. Katniss always did what she could to help. She was given clearance to hunt with Gale. Again her hunting skills were put to good use and she was helping others.


It takes place in the capital and District 13 during spring and fall. It's the Futuristic World of Hovercrafts and Force fields. The capital is guarded seven days a week by bombs, peacekeepers and mutations. They bring all the capital people to live in the middle of the capital. District 13 is a place where fun is not allowed. You wear gray uniforms, you have a strict diet and you when turn 14 you are automatically a solider. District 13 has been close to extinction a few times.


The theme of the book is never give up on life. I believe this because of the events of the book. A few examples from the book are, when people in Katniss's squad die and she didn't stop moving forward to the mansion. Another example is when almost all of the people from Katniss's district die, and Katniss believes it's her fault and wants to die. She decides that she doesn't want to die, but she realized Prim and her mother needed her more.

Figuritive Langauge

Some examples of figurative language found in the book are:

"Katniss Everdeen the girl who was, on fire, burns on." and "Katniss isn't really a bird, but she's a rebel." These are examples of a metaphors.

" The summer has been scorching hot and as dry as a bone." and " It was like being an insect trapped under a bowl filled with steaming air." These are both examples of similes.

I believe that the metaphor, "Katniss isn't really a bird, but she's a rebel" is important in the story because Katniss is the mockingjay. Which is the rebellion against the capital.