Podcast Playground

Podcast Playground

Podcasts are an easy and popular way to listen and learn. For Podcast playground you will choose an episode from my favorite educational podcast: EdTech Takeout to listen to. This will give you an opportunity to choose a topic that best fits your professional learning goals. There are 26 episodes with a variety of topics to choose from.

Listening is easy. You can simply listen right on your computer here or download from the app store here.

After listening please respond to the following:

1. Using our ICYMI Padlet link, please post your number 1 take away from the podcast.

2. Each episode link also includes links to various tools or resources (Tech nuggets etc.) discussed during the podcast. Please take some time to explore one or two things in more detail. please post on the padlet link what resource you found or explored in more detail. How will this benefit you?

3. Please fill out this survey after completing your Podcast Playground PD.