How Santa Got Stuck

By: Larissa Swain

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It was the night before Christmas, and Santa was giving all of the good boys and girls Christmas presents. After he gave the children presents, he would eat all of the cookies and leave the little crumbs behind. After visiting 30 houses and eating 600 cookies, Santa felt quite bloated, but instead of quitting, Santa went to house number 31, and on his way down the chimney, Santa got stuck. The little girl in the house, who had awoken from her sleep, had heard a loud noise coming from the chimney. The little girl, whose name was Sally, went over to the chimney and took a look up, and let out a scream. "Mommy, Santa!" shouted the little girl. Santa tried to get out of the chimney, but he was too stuck. Santa, the sly guy that he is, decided to try and wiggle out of the chimney while the little girl went to get her parents. When Santa tried wiggling out of the chimney, he ended up falling out of the chimney. Santa ran into the girl, smiling and laughing as he was running from Sally. Santa began to scream as he ran away. Sally, who was a very happy girl, tried to play with Santa. Santa finally got away from Sally, and returned to the North Pole.