The Cop and the Mechanic

Fable by: Luke Nelson

One day a Cop decided he never liked being a Cop, but being as good of a driver as he was he decided to become a drag racer. Mean while a Mechanic decided he had the same dream, and they both signed up. The problem was there was only one spot open. So they took the idea of the winner of a drag race would get the job.

The next day both the the Cop and the Mechanic brought they're best cars too the track. The Boss of the drag racers was there too watch the race. The race started and the Cop was ahead but the Mechanic really wanted the job so he tapped the Cops back bumper sending him off into a spin off losing the race. The Mechanic asked for the job, but the Boss said he wanted the Cop, and gave the Cop the keys to the company drag racer.

Theme: Do not cheat, you will never win.