by: Connor Parman

Information about us

1. America's first political party.

2. Want strong central government.

3. Want limited government, no dictatorship.


Frequent Questions

This party makes the most sense to make the United States a powerful, independent, and elite country. Since we defeated the British (both times) we have proven that it is possible to defeat the best without the best. If we do not get a strong central government, the citizens could overthrow us. Also, so the president doesn't abuse his power.


1. Assuming the states debt- We want the national government to be in charge of debt instead of each state being in charge of debt.

2. Creation of a National Bank- Hamilton argued that the "implied powers" could be accepted to do the citizens good. We came up with the idea of a national bank.

Issues Cont.

3. French Revolution- Oppose the French Revolution and the US support for the anti-monarchy group.

4. Power of the national government- Are in favor of the Constitution. Made it powerful, but had escape routes if needed, such as checks and balances, separation of powers, and limited government.

Issues Cont.

5. Alien and Sedition acts- supported to prevent growth of Democratic- Republicans.

6. War with Britain in 1812- opposed the war with England 1812.


To become a nation with power, we shall build up like a tower.