The West Region


States and Capitals

The West is a region of the United States. It includes the states (and capitals): California (Sacramento), Alaska (Juneau), Idaho (Boise), Hawaii (Honolulu), Montana (Helena), Utah (Salt Lake City), Wyoming (Cheyenne), Oregon (Salem), Washington (Olympia), and Colorado (Denver). It's geographically the biggest region and some states share a border with Canada (Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and Montana) and one shares border with Russia (Alaska).


The climate in the west region can vary from the freezing temperatures in Alaska to the warm weather in Hawaii. Did you know that Hawaii receives more then 96 inches of rain a year in most places! But there is one place in Hawaii that can receive 460 inches of rain a year!!! That's why Hawaii is a popular vacation spot. There are so many different kinds of weather in the west region.


The west region has many industries, but it might be best known to the biggest computer company in the world: Microsoft. The headquarters is in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft also produces other electronics, like; phones and tablets.

Natural Resources

In California they grow a lot of grapes which they turn into wine. That's why California is known for their wine. Also, Idaho is known for their potatoes, Alaska for their oil, and Wyoming known for their cattle. Some natural resources are used for food; like cattle and potatoes.


In the west region there are many national parks including Yellowstone (Wyoming), Yosemite (California), and Kenai Fjords (Alaska). In Yellowstone you can check out one of the worlds most famous geysers: Old Faithful. Yellowstone receives more then 3 million visitors a year. Some national parks provide natural resources.


The west has a lot of waterways, here are some of them: The Great Salt Lake (Utah),the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and California), Arctic Ocean (Alaska), and the Colorado River (Colorado, Arizona, and Utah). The Great Salt Lake is the biggest lake in the west region.


In the west region there are many major landforms, including; the Rocky Mountains: the biggest mountain range in North America, Mt. Denali: the highest mountain in North America, Death Valley: one of the hottest places in North America, and Continental Divide: a place where on way the water will flow to the Pacific Ocean and the other to the Atlantic.

Amazing Facts

Here are some amazing facts about the west region.

#1 Hawaii used to have a kingdom! Their last monarch was Queen Liliuokalani.

#2 Alaska is the largest state in the United States in area it is; 615,230 square feet! That's huge!

#3 The Oregon Trail (a trail to help people find homes in the west) starts in Missouri and ends in Oregon.