BTT Mid-Term Evaluation



Easybib is the most used citation tool because it is very simple to use as well as having many additional features. As well as websites, Easybib can also be used to automatically cite books, journals, newspapers and many other data sources.

What we learned about Easybib in class

We learned how to:

  • Download and use the Easybib add-on for Google Docs
  • How to use the "Projects" and "Notebook" functions
  • How to cite websites

Download the EasyBib add-on for Google Docs

To download the EasyBib app on Google Docs, click this button when in Google docs. When the Add-Ons button appears, click Download on the EasyBib add-on.

What I taught myself

Research Options

If you go to the Research tab in EasyBib and search your topic in this search bar, EasyBib will look up citations that have been done by other EasyBib users on websites that are proven to be credible.


Gimp is an image-manipulation tool available for free. Gimp can be used to make screenshots into images, changing the resolution of an image, , cropping the image, and many other useful things.

What we learned in class

In class, we learned how to use Gimp to preview and edit screenshots you take using the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. To do this, you have to go into, and hold your mouse over the Create button and select "From Keyboard".

What I Taught Myself

I taught myself how to measure angles and the length in pixels with Gimp. To do this with Gimp, first you find the "Toolbox" window (should be located on the left side of your screen). Them you click on the icon that looks like a protractor. If you click on this button, then click anywhere on your pictures ad drag to the area you want to measure the distance to. You can also find the angle of this line in correlation to the screen. To display this information in a screen, check the "Show Info Window" box at the bottom of the "Toolbox" window.

Google Draw

Google Draw is a free software distributed by Google that can be used for drawing pictures on the internet. Google Draw can use many shapes and line tools such as scribble, curves and other cool objects.

What We Learned in Class

In class, we learned how to use the line function as well as the basic shape options, and how to make a perfect square with the "Rectangle" option.
Finally, resize the square to the size you want, and then let go of the mouse button to make the square.

What I Taught Myself

In Google Draw, you can insert images from the Internet. To do this, first you have to find the image you want to show on Google Images. Right click on the image and choose the icon "Copy Image URL". Then go to Google Draw. In Google Draw, hover over the Insert button and open up the Image tab underneath that. This should open up a big window right in the middle of your screen. Select "From Image URL" on the left side of the screen. (From the side, you could also get images you have downloaded on your computer already, or take a picture if you have a webcam on your computer). Then paste the URL you copied earlier into the URL bar on this screen. A preview of the picture you selected will be shown here. When you are done, click Select and the image should appear in your drawing.