SHS Highlights

April 2022 Community Update

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Administrative Team:

Dr. Edward Lazzara - Principal

Ms. Courtney Kopf - Vice Principal

Mrs. Jamie Barker - Vice Principal
Dr. Jordana Bradley - Supervisor of College and Career Readiness

Mr. Steve Stoner - Athletic Director

Upcoming Event:

We look forward to our Junior class having the opportunity to enjoy their Junior Prom.

Staff Member Spotlight:

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Ms. Kandace Halat

"Ms. Halat is the epitome of Spartan Pride. Not only does she coach multiple seasons, she is a leader by example in the Biology department. Recently, she spearheaded the development of a differentiated self-paced genetics journey that the Biology teaching staff has adopted to use for instruction, and she is currently working on similar plans for next year. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and her ability to motivate students is unparalleled."

Students of the Month:

English - Kelly Groome created the Sparta Book Club and they held their first meeting this month. Kelly saw a need for the club, acted to fill it, and then got it off the ground. Her contribution to the classroom and the school is meaningful.

Math - Julia Juan asks great questions in AP Calc AB. She works hard during lunch and excels in class and on assessments.

Science - Samantha Stankiewicz shows constant effort in Physics class. She consistently helps her peers understand the material and problem-solve. She is a pleasure to have in class.

World Languages - Colin Muller is an extraordinary student who goes out of his way to make all of his peers feel included. He seeks out additional language practice to improve his proficiency and has dedicated after school and lunch times to practicing his Spanish. Colin is a kind student who cares about his school work and his peers, and he is the most respectful student to all teachers and coaches.

History - Damon Welber is a great student of history. He is clearly interested and brings a different perspective to discussions which helps all students think more globally. Damon is always ready to participate in class and the class is always ready to hear what he has to say.

TCC- Alannah Dobryznski is a stand-out student in Culinary Arts. She is always ready to work or to stay behind to assist other students. She is kind, respectful and courteous.

Music - Emily Roemer has grown so much in the last four years and continues to step up to any challenge presented to her. She perseveres in learning new instruments, new concepts, working in teams, etc. Emily has also done a wonderful job being a teaching assistant for Piano class. She is a patient and attentive teacher who takes initiative and is always so helpful. In addition, she is heavily involved in our recording club where she plays various instruments in our recording sessions.

Art - Rachel Rodriguez is an energetic and bright light in AP art, bringing forth a very kinetic energy. She pushes her ideas into the canvas and allows herself the room to grow and stretch. One of the best artistic qualities is that she has no fear of failing the piece, meaning she is adventurous in her ideas and fearless when it comes to outcomes. This quality is hard to find at such a young age and is what allows her success in AP studio art. In addition, she continues to come in extra time , during lunches and after school to work on pieces, and is a lead volunteer for NAHS.

Physical Education - Thomas Schottland leads every activity and fitness day by representing model behavior every day of the week. Thomas wants to show what 100% looks like while playing within the rules of the classroom. Thomas sets the bar to do extra repetitions or sets for all fitness days and plays in every game to help his team see success.

School Counseling - Myles Williams is a kind, thoughtful, and caring student who is committed to making SHS a better place. He is always ready to lend a hand and is not afraid to step in and help when needed - no matter the task.

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School Counseling Updates

Governor's School Award:

Emily Harms has been accepted to attend NJ Governor's School in the Sciences! Congratulations to Emily on this outstanding accomplishment!
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College Fair:

Sparta High School hosted a College Fair for all high school students on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, during student lunch. Representatives from over 70 colleges, career/technical schools, and the military were in the main gym with information and answers to our students' questions. The event was well-attended and successful.
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Departmental News

National Honors Society:

Congratulations to our 2022 National Honor Society Inductees! On April 7, we celebrated and honored our seniors and our new NHS members. Thank you to Mrs. Kopp for organizing this celebratory evening together.
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Our 4th Annual Sparta Jazz Fest was held on Wednesday, April 6th. It featured 13 bands from all over the state including two jazz bands, eight competitive high school bands, and three highly competitive high school bands. All bands performed for a panel of four judges, all with professional jazz and education experience. The entire event was planned by teachers and a committee of six parents who oversaw the planning and execution of our concessions, programs/ads, public relations, awards/tabulations, and apparel sales. All members of the high school jazz bands along with a host of parent and family volunteers worked in a number of different jobs during the day of the event to help it run smoothly. We look forward to next year's event.

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Athletic and Co-Curricular Highlights

Key Club:

Key club held a drive for Benny’s Bodega. Students collected food, clothing, baby items and cleaning supplies and went to the Bodega to help organize the donations.

Benny’s Bodega serves over 300 local families a month. Families can visit to “shop” for anything they might need. The bodega provides hard-working families a little assistance.


Our DECA students traveled to Atlanta, GA to compete in Nationals. 30 SHS students competed against 17,000 students in events such as sports marketing and financial services. Edward Flannery and Sama Elhamouly earned a place in the top 20.
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Social Emotional Supports

Our licensed staff is here to assist students in achieving their health and wellness goals, enabling students to make lifestyle choices that help them achieve optimal physical, emotional, and behavioral well-being. Please visit our Align Wellness Program website for additional information.

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