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Welcome Miss S.!

I was raised in Lockport and went to college in New York City for musical theater where I earned my Bachelor in Fine Arts. Besides the arts, I have always had a passion for teaching. So, after traveling and working after college, I attended Niagara University (NU) and completed my Master of Science in Elementary Education. While attending NU, I had the wonderful experience of teaching preschool at our Lockport YMCA. My graduate student teaching experience has been in Niagara Falls and right here at Roy B. Kelley. I am certiļ¬ed as an elementary school teacher. I graduated from Niagara University in December.

American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge

The Physical Ed Dept had a very successful remote Wednesday assembly and raised $5100 for the American Heart Association. All of the physical education teachers will get slimed! Isabella Anzalone will be recognized as she raised over $1000 by herself. Thank you for your support!

Here are the top classes for each grade (based on the number of students registered, not amount of money raised): Kindergarten - Miss Lopoyda, 1st gr., Mrs. Secord, 2nd gr., Mrs. Jerz, 3rd gr. Mrs. Volland, 4th gr., Mrs. Provenzano.

These classes will receive a $25 Amazon gift card to use for their room/students. Prizes will be awarded as well in the near future.

PTA News

Thank you to families who participated in our spring fundraiser; all the money raised will benefit our RBK students!

We have a very limited number of yearbooks available for those who would like to purchase them with cash (exact amount, please) or check made out to Roy B Kelley PTA. Please call the school to indicate your interest and send in your payment ASAP, as these will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

The Roy B. Kelley PTA is in need of a Treasurer and a Secretary for next year. If you are interested, please contact us at ASAP. Our elections for next year will take place at our May meeting.

Our last PTA meeting of this year is May 26th at 6:30pm. This is a very important meeting as we'll vote to pass our budget for next year, vote in new executives, and vote to change our bylaws. Mrs. Walton will also provide us with a detailed school update. Join us on Zoom at (or on the App), Meeting ID: 820 5527 7061 and Passcode: 97. Or check our Facebook page for a direct link.

The Kindness Club

In May/June the Kindness Club will be freshening up the Kindness Garden and the surrounding school grounds. They are very excited to make the garden beautiful again and have a lot of great ideas!

Student Council

The Student Council is asking for your help again!! Please bring in the plastic cap tops from plastic pop/water bottles. After disinfecting them, we will be using them to create a beautiful mural!. The box to collect the caps is in the main foyer.

Teacher Requests

I will be accepting letters requesting specific teachers with a reason through May 27th. Please feel free to email or write a letter with your wishes. Each year, I try to accommodate all requests. Please understand that there may be forces out of my control, that your request may not be granted. Thank you in advance for your understanding. If you have questions please contact me.

Respectful Superhero Award

For the Respectful Superhero Award, students are awarded brag tags and their names are posted on the sign in front of the school. There are so many respectful students at RBK that it is difficult to select which student will receive this award. RBK Students are considerate and honor the feelings, opinions, and property of others.

What does respect look like?

Your youngster's daily dealings with adults and kids alike will be more pleasant if they speak and act respectfully. Try these tips for helping your child to learn about respect. Respectful replies: Think about something that you and your youngster disagree on, (say, whether the video game time should be limited). Model having a respectful discussion about it. You might say that your child's brain and body are growing and that his/her brain and body are growing so go run and play to stay healthy. Then, suggest a respectful response, such as, "I want to be healthy, but I love video games." Brainstorm with your child other situations where people have different opinions but still speak to each other with respect. Everyday acts: When you mow the lawn or clean up after your dog, you may teach your child about respect for neighbors. Explain that keeping your neighborhood clean and neat makes it nice for everyone. Ask your child to think of other respectful things neighbors should do. If you share an apartment laundry room, your child might say that you respect neighbors' time by removing your clothes when they are done so others may get to use the washers and dryers.
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Upcoming Roy B. Kelley Events

04/19 Respectful Students will be announced

05/03 Spring PTA Fundraiser Due online

05/04 & -05/06 Math Assessments

05/05 Budget Hearing

05/18 Budget Vote

05/26 PTA Meeting at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

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