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Instructional Resources for Poetry Month

This week's newsletter is devoted to sharing resources related to poetry, as National Poetry Month begins on Friday. I hope you find some tips, titles, and tools that you would like to use in your classroom. There are many ways to embed poetry naturally in your literacy workshops, morning warm-ups, close reading, or content area studies. Poetry should not feel like one more thing! Let me know if you would like to work together to integrate poetry in your classroom.

Happy Reading!


Poetry Recommendations

Novels in Verse

Poetry Resources

This link from edutopia includes 12 artful strategies to engage students with poetry. (You will find the list halfway down the page.) Many of these ideas would be fun, quick and easy to use!

For those of you are are tech-saavy, here are 9 Mobile Apps for Poetry Month! Many of the apps listed are free, easy to use and can be downloaded on your iPads. These tools might be a great way to have students use their tech tools in a purposeful way while exploring poetry!

Reading Rockets has a number of excellent resources and recommendations for National Poetry Month including 10 Ways to Use Poetry in Your Classroom!

I know that many of you love the website Writing-Fix. Check out this link for their poetry resources!

Poetry Websites – Giggle poetry has many fun poetry activities for younger children. - Similar to Giggle Poetry, Poetry 4 Kids is a fun place for kids to explore and create poetry.

The Poetry Idea Engine, a poem building machine, would be fun in all K-5 classrooms!

FREE Poetry E-Book from Stenhouse!

Stenhouse Publishing is offering a free e-book for National Poetry Month! This 284 page download (please don't print all of it!) includes sample chapters from 14 different professional books. Check it out for outstanding ideas on how to include more poetry in your independent stations, as well as lessons for writing poetry!

My favorite chapters are:

Of Primary Importance: What's Essential in Teaching Young Writers

Literacy Work Stations

Practice With Purpose

Crafting Writers

The Write Genre

Writing Anchors

What's Next For This Beginning Writer?

Where is poetry in our curriculum?

Although we don't have learning goals related specifically to the reading of poetry, the learning goals in Use of Language can be easily connected to this genre.

Level 2: Understands how descriptive words and phrases provide meaning.

Level 3: Understands the use of synonyms and antonyms to add meaning to text.

Level 4: Understands how the use of homophones and homographs impact the meaning of text.

Level 5: (Figurative Language) Understands the use of simile, metaphor, idioms and proverbs add meaning to text.

The literature learning goals for inferring and theme can also connect to your reading of poetry. You can also integrate learning targets related to conventions (adjectives, verbs, adverbs) or the traits of writing (word choice, voice, sentence fluency) in your poetry instruction.

Close Reading Poetry

Close reading with poetry involves digging deeper into structure and word choice.

  • You can ask students to read the poem closely with a lens for figurative language, parts of speech or word choice.
  • As a class, you can lift lines from a variety of poems and collect them around your classroom on sentence strips.
  • Students enjoy the opportunity to sketch or paint the images they visualize when reading a poem.
  • Close reading is an excellent opportunity to discuss the theme or author's message in the poem.
  • Can poems be used to inform, persuade, or entertain? Examine the author's purpose in writing the poem.
  • Use your close reading poems as an opportunity for students to create their own poems by adapting the words or structure of the author's poem. The book Love That Dog would be a great selection for close reading! I have a sample booklet of the mentor poems included in this text. Let me know if you would like to check it out!

Poetry is a valuable instructional resource!

Digital Resource ~ is an outstanding resource available that the library purchases for the district! This site has tons of resources to support literacy, including general book and author related links. Use this site for more resources for your reading group texts or your next read aloud!

When you sign in, you do not need a username. The password is books4u. Enjoy!

Shelly Moody

Instructional Coach, K-5

Atwood Primary School

Williams Elementary School