By: Patricia McCormick

Summary of the book:

Fifteen-year-old Callie McPherson isn't speaking to anybody, not even to her therapist at Sea Pines (nicknamed "Sick Minds"), the residential treatment facility where her parents and doctor sent her after discovering that she self harms. At some point, Callie does begin speaking to her therapist/doctor, and she helps Callie understand why she self-harms. As her story unfolds, Callie reluctantly becomes involved with the other "guests" at Sea Pines—finding her voice and confronting the trauma that triggered her behavior. Callie gets better with the help of Sydney (her roommate), Debbie, Becca, Tara, Amanda, and Tiffany. Through support from her family, guests, and therapist she soon learns why she cuts herself.

Reasons to read this book:

It's one of my favorite books, personally. It's relatable and real. It describes the struggles of many kinds of depression without sugar coating, it just cuts to the chase(pun not intended). (Warning: may trigger)

Book flyer by:

Brooklyn Brown