The Indiana Dunes

and the event that closed them

Indiana may be known for corn, but many people don't know about these 200 feet high dunes, which swallowed a 6 year old boy last June. The boy was inspecting a small depression in the sand, which was blocked off. The gap gave in, and rescuers had to dig 11 feet to rescue the child.

As people visited the dunes, especially Mount Baldy, they were damaging them. About 200,000 people visited the park each year. Because Mount Baldy was the biggest attraction, many tourists walked on the dune which caused a depression.

Erin Argylian, professor of geoscience, was doing a study on Mount Baldy the day the hole opened. At the time, she said she couldn't believe what was happening. But holes large enough to engulf a child don't open up out of nowhere.

Scientists still don't know whats happening, for three more holes have formed since the incident in July. It is a probability that they form with decomposed trees that lie underneath the dunes. But Mount Baldy is closed while Argylian and National Park Services scientists prevent the park from more holes.
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Most of the information came from NPR, so some credit goes to them

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