SPED Update 11/23/15



The year is flying by and Thanksgiving Break is upon us! I wanted to update everyone on the few staffing changes that have occurred since we started the year off! SPED is anything but boring and around here things can change with one new enrollment!

We have a new paraprofessional at Elementary. Lori Ray has brought with her lots of experience working with students with special needs and we are excited to have her join our team!

Mrs. Terri Cowin who is currently a paraprofessional at our Middle School will be moving into her new position as a Speech/Language teacher at our Primary Building after the Thanksgiving break in order to help cover the ever increasing number of kids needing speech/language therapy. Terri will be working along with Kim Ireland our current Speech Language Pathologist to service kids from Early Childhood to First Grade!

Also in the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to take a second to express my utmost gratitude for the wonderful staff who run our special transportation routes. Even with the multiple curve balls you are given every day you still manage to ensure that every kid has a great experience each and every morning and afternoon on their ride to school and home. I'm so thankful for each one of our regular route drivers, and para riders!

Bus 32: Bobbie Hopper, Jancy Burke, Brenda Miller

Van 35: Issac Johnson, Jill Jones, Terri Cowin, and soon to be rider Pat Byrne!


Rethink will be launching a new user interface in December. They recommend that any staff using Rethink join in on a refresher training that will be offered regularly. If you can't attend one of the session please contact the SPED office at Ext 4017 and we will work on getting you a recorded version of a session. Check out the full list of sessions offered and register from the following link:

RETHINK new Interface Refresher Session

There are also weekly additional supports to access to help you better utilize all that Rethink has to offer. Our Rethink representative, Jennifer, hosts weekly office hours where you can join in a group session to have your questions answered and get tips and tricks in using the system. There is no limit on how many of these you can access - feel free to use this support and get your questions answered! Register for Jennifer's Office Hours at the following link:

RETHINK Office Hours Q&A Registration

If you or your para staff have had difficulty with the "Generalization" Rethink Training Module then you aren't alone! Here is a link to download a video tutorial on this module!



If you have marked a student's accommodations/modifications as "OTHER" for the frequency (for example it is not given daily, weekly, or monthly) then you CAN NOT put the words "AS NEEDED" as the description for the frequency. You must provide a specific explanation of when this accommodation/modification would be provided. Your explanation should be sufficient enough so that someone unfamiliar with the child could pick up the IEP and know when they were to provide that accommodation/modification. Remember you must have an explanation for frequency for each accommodation/modification listed as "OTHER" for the frequency.


Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 5:30-7pm

Reeds Spring High School Media Room

You are welcome to attend our SPED Parent Advisory Night. This is a great way to seek input from your student's parents and help us work together to improve parent involvement in the special education process!