Reach for the Stars!

Noteworthy News for the Week of 2/10/20

District 112 Education Foundation iRead!

Thank you ALL for your support of the amazing District 112 Education Foundation! The Stars of 3K read over 25,000 minutes! We are looking forward to soon finding out our class and school total! They sure shine!

5 Essentials Parent Survey

PLEASE participate in the parent portion of the 5Essentials survey. This survey will contribute to the District 112 Illinois Report Card data and will help us with our improvement efforts.

Click this Link to Start the Parent Survey (10 mins approx. completion time).

Sherwood Carnival on Saturday!

I hope to see you all this weekend at the Sherwood Carnival! What a fun way to spend a Saturday...and help support the Sherwood School PTO! See you there!

Valentine's Day!

We are looking forward to upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations! Since students will not be at school on Friday, February 14th, we look forward to celebrating on Thursday, February 13th. Our room parents are planning a special celebration and we are sure to have a wonderful time in class that afternoon!

In order to keep all students safe, this year Sherwood Pandas are asked not to send in any edible Valentine items. If students do choose to bring Valentines for the class, please ensure that they bring one for every child in our class. (They are welcome to bring individual Valentines for any students in other classes.) Students are welcome to attach non-edible items such as stickers, stampers, pencils, etc to their Valentines.

Special Visit from Mike Byster!

We are pleased to be able to share with you Mike Byster and his amazing and unique Brainetics learning program to our students on Tuesday, February 20th from 9:00-9:40 am in our classroom. (*Please note the change in time!)

Mike’s presentations are formed to cultivate the parent/teacher/student learning triad. We are encouraging you to attend because Mike Byster is in fact a genius, but he wasn’t born a genius. He struggled in school, just just like many kids do. He had amazing parents who encouraged him to find fun ways to learn that worked for him. Kids get their information from school, the internet and many outside places, but they learn HOW to learn at home.

It is because his parents were so involved in his education that he KNOWS the value of parents being at his presentations. This presentation will excite your child, teach them new things and give them confidence. We want you to be there to share in their excitement and to be able to support, understand and nourish that excitement back home.

Mike has created a system for solving complex math problems by using a series of patterns and short-cuts that demystify how numbers work. He also teaches how parents and children can work together to greatly improve the child's memory and focus. You can learn more about Mike and the Brainetics program at and

Mike and his Brainetics program were put to the test on ABC’s 20/20 news program. He also won the title of “Superhuman” this summer on Fox’s TV show, “Superhuman”!

Mike receives thousands of letters from parents every year stating that the hour they spent at the show has positively impacted the way they work with their children! This is an educational presentation. If you are planning to join us, please return the letter that was sent home on Thursday. Mike looks forward to an AMAZING presentation with you and your child!

Secret Cupids!

Please be sure your child creates their personalized mailbox for their Secret Cupid! This community-building activity is a great way to show kindness and share compliments leading up to Valentine’s Day! This week at school, students will be providing their Secret Cupids with compliments and clues leading up to our Valentine’s Day celebration! Students area asked to bring in their mailbox for their Secret Cupid to use as a Valentine holder. Please be sure to bring in your mailboxes to school by Thursday, February 13th, in order for your Secret Cupid to have a special container for their Valentines! f your child will not be at school on Thursday, February 13th, please send the mailbox in early! Thanks so much for your support!


We look forward to delving into the tall tales of Paul Bunyan: Growing Up! This mentor text will not only allow us to learn about this special literary genre, but also further explore the characters’ actions and themes embedded within each tale. We’ll also take a close look at the many forms of figurative language that help to makes these tales more telling!


In writing, we will continue to delve deeper with our opinion writing! Students continue to embrace this form of writing and support their claims with reasoning and evidence through their current seasons opinion pieces. We’re delving deeper and using our context clues to understand higher level vocabulary and recount stories including fables, folktales & myths, from diverse cultures. This week we'll embark upon Aesop’s famous fables, The Sun and the Wind and The Fox and the Crow. We look forward to identifying the “morals” of the stories! We'll then stretch our opinion writing skills to determine which one has a stronger central message. Our authors are hard at work!


Students led one another in great discussions and mathematical conversations, rich with new vocabulary! Our Division Math Forum was a huge success! This week we will continue to work with fact families and different strategies to help build a deeper understanding of the connection between multiplication and division!

We will also learn a new Work Place called Line ’Em Up, which reinforces the use of an array model for division, provides an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the operation, and produces interesting patterns that will engage all learners!

Water & Climate (Science)

In science, we look forward to taking on the role of meteorologists & learning all about various ways to measure weather! This week we'll also closely explore the water cycle!

Guest Author Visit!

*We look forward to our upcoming author visit with Liesl Shurtliff! She will be joining our third and fourth grade classes this Wednesday, February 12th! A special thanks to Mrs. Weiss for planning this amazing opportunity!

Panda Jar Celebration!

The Stars of 3K are almost at the tippity top of the Panda Jar, yet again! We will soon be celebrating with the class-voted goal of Free Choice Time! I admire the way that the class works hard to earn their pandas and fill our jar! I am so proud of the many positive choices students are making throughout the school day!

Bernie's Book Bank Donations

Do you have any books that always seem to stay in the same place on your shelf? Please consider donating any slightly used books to the Sherwood PTO's Bernie’s Book Bank Drive! Feel free to check out the PTO Blast for more information about this great charitable opportunity!

Calendar Reminders!

Just a friendly reminder that there is no school on Friday, February 14th, due to an Institute Day and Monday, February 17th, in honor of Presidents' Day. I hope you have a wonderful mini-break!

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks (extra learning opportunities) are a hit! Kudos to the kiddos that opted to take part in this optional opportunity! Please remember that these activities are completely OPTIONAL. Students can access these opportunities on our Reach for the Stars Google Site! If your child is looking for something fun to do this weekend, these just may be the answer your looking for!

Thank You!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions and feedback. I really appreciate your support!