The American Red Cross

by Raj Vulichi and Josh Guasco

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Have you ever heard of The American Red Cross? Well if you haven't it is a charity that helps millions of people around the world. The Red cross helps people who have lost homes and loved ones in natural disasters. It also helps people in case of emergencies, teaches life skills and set up blood drives and give blood to people who need it. The American Red Cross supports people from the military and also there family’s. The American Red Cross helps in safety and education too.Now we will take you in depth in the information and history of The American Red Cross.

Mission statement

The American Red Cross prevents allevitates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.Red Cross also prevents people suffering in case of emergency. For example, if someone loses their home in a tornado then Red Cross can provide them with a shelter.They also help people in our community by donating blood to people who need it. These are all the ways in our opinion Red Cross helps our communities.The American Red Cross helps people who is in need.

How did the the orginization help communitys

An average of 91 cents of every dollar spent in the red cross goes to investment in humanitarian services programs.The American Red cross teaches lifesaving skills so communities can be more well prepared. This is important because when the need arises they will need to be prepared. This organization also supports military families in our community.

This foundation also has more ways it protects and supports our communities. It helps people who have lost their homes in natural disasters and emergencies. They also donate food to people who need it in case of a disaster or emergency. Red Cross helps communities all over the United States and makes a great impact.

What is the issue or cause that your charity supports

The issue or cause that our charity supports is emergencies or disasters. People might lose their home in a hurricane because of flooding,the red cross will supports these people by giving the a shelter or some food. Red cross also helps for safety and education. Red cross also helps with international relief and development. The American Red Cross donates blood to people who need it and will not survive without it.

Red Cross saves millions of lives every year.The American Red cross supports even more issues and causes like bringing relief to people who have been in natural disasters. They also protect and help victims of armed conflict which is very important because they protect us. It also protects people from the military and their family. So overall The American Red Cross supports many causes or issues.

How did your charity begin and grow

Clara started the Red Cross in Washington D.C in 1881. When clara had the Idea she was 60 years old. Soon after Henri Dunant co-operated with clara barton. For all the hard work and sweat they used after hard years they won the nobel peace prize in 1917 and 1944. In the beginning of the organization it is called the ICRC. Nowadays, The american red cross has branched out into smaller organizations such as ICRC, American red cross, and the red crescent association. overall the money that they raise all go to the red cross.

On the other side of the world in Switzerland the American Red Cross was fully in function. In Switzerland the Red Cross was running since 1863. During world war two many people lost blood during the fighting. So from 1940-1959 the american red cross started to have blood drive in response to this depressing event. When the world war two happened there was a time of depression and the Red Cross saved many people's life so the got respect from the civilians.

How is your charity effective

The red cross gets lots of money to help others that are in need but where does the money come from? The american red cross gets it's money mainly out of gifts and grants that people contribute the their cause. The money they get from civilians and the federal grants equal to about 93% of all there money. The rest of that comes from the little jars that people put money in.

The ways that they use their money shows people that they are responsible and don’t keep the money that get them to help others. An average of 91 cents of every dollar spent in the red cross goes to investment in humanitarian services programs. With that money every year The Red Cross helps thousands of people. 90.4% of the money that they get goes to the program that the red cross produces.

Call to Action.

The American Red Cross is always looking for recruits to help people who are in need. To join the red cross go to and hit volunteer. The red cross will be happy for your volunteering.

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