outstanding octopus

by: Stephanie Vivar


The octopus is an interesting animal, that has eight arms, which contain 2 rows of suckers to hold on tight. It is amazing to think about how they eat, where they live, and how they move around the ocean waters. Did you know that octopus usually up to 6-18 months and that the males live a few months after mating?


These creatures live in the tropical areas to stay warm and to look for their food. Did you know that the squid is known as the cousin to the octopus? They don’t live long lives but spend most of their time looking for food or swimming around. They’re called the monster of the sea because of their eight arms and they don’t know what the octopus might do. They spend their day on the ocean floor alone on the rocks.


This quizzle is a little test to show how much you learned about the octopus. Start the test.

Word wall

This word wall has an octopus with ten words describing the octopus and what it might do.
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This is a haiku, a haiku is a japanese poem. This poem is about an octopus and some things that a octopus would do and some things it might have.
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My diorama has a whale jumping over with fish swimming around and a jellyfish near by. On the right side of the ocean floor you see an octopus on a rock near a turtle. On the left side a seahorse is hiding behind a rock of coral and a starfish lying down near the coral.
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Go fish

My tank is a freshwater tank with all freshwater fish. One of the fish I have is the sherry barb fish. I got 2 of them they were a light red color and very tiny. I also got a goldfish that was 1.75 inches. I had spend around $126.34 for all the materials and fish. Some materials were the thermometer, gravel, cartridges, tank, filter, and of course food. I had also gotten decor, I got plants a cave and a castle for my fish to feel special. I have a 20-gallon tank to take care of my fish. My fish will have a great time in this environment.
Meet the Animals 9: Octopus | Level 2 | By Little Fox