Stephanie Kwoleck

by Steven Tran

Background Information

She was born in Pennsylvania 1923.Stephanie father John Kwolek help her with science. Stephanie mom gave her the idea to ivent close.Stephanie didn't have enagh money so She had to work in madcal school.Stephanie died wednesday in Wilmingten when she was 90 years old.

Important Inventions amd other Accomplishments

Stephanies job before inventing was in the Dupont. Her awards was perken medal and a technology award.Stephanie made her own fiber. She made a crystal out of legid.She made a strong rope out of the fiber the fiber was made from the crystal.In 1964 Stephanie group started to invent a buliet proof vest. But in the bullet proof vest was the 1971 her frist fiber was released and the buliet proof vest.
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