AESD Week in Review


Week of May 16-20, 2016

Superintendent's Message

Good Morning Trustees,

Last Friday I attended Victoria Magathan’s International Night. It was such a great event for our students, parents, and community! The staff and students were fully engaged. The food was delicious and the student performers were amazing!

I participated in the Eleventh Annual Young Authors Celebration. It was well attended by our students and their parents. There were many teachers and administrators present to greet our students and family members too. The parents and students were equally excited about being recognized for their accomplishments and for the raffle prizes. Huge kudos to all of our district staff, but especially for Diana Tabet for organizing this event!

I attended the May Revision Budget Workshop this week with the Executive Cabinet, two teachers, and two CSEA representatives. The news regarding the May revision was one of caution. The presenters highlighted the need for Districts to show some fiscal restraint as the increase in STRS and PERS in the next couple of years along with the ending of gap funding may result in financial burdens in the next few years.

Trustees, thank you for all that you do. Have a wonderful weekend.


Victoria Magathan International Day

Victoria Magathan celebrated its Annual International Night.

2015-2016 - Young Author's Celebration

The 2015-16 Young Author’s Celebration was a huge success! It took place on Saturday May 14th from 9:00-10:30 a.m. at Melva Davis Academy of Excellence. There were approximately 350 parents and students who attended the celebration. This year Adelanto Elementary School District had 150 individual student winners and 22 classroom winners from the various schools in our district. A District certificate of achievement with a free child’s buffet certificate from John’s Incredible Pizza was presented to each student who participated in this year’s celebration. The celebration concluded with a raffle where art kits, soccer balls, $10 Gift cards (donated by ADTA) and children’s books written by the guest author were awarded to the ticket winners.

Westside Park Elementary Band and Choir Concert

Westside Park parents and students celebrated a night of music. Mr. Garcia has done a wonderful job in bringing music to Westside Park. The students are thriving through the positive experience music is providing them. They were so proud of their accomplishments at last nights Band and Choir concert.

Adelanto Elementary School -Principal, Ramon Rizo


Task #1: On Monday of this week we held our final SST meeting of the year. This meeting included teachers and parents concerned with the end of year progress of their students. We also planned follow up meetings for the beginning of school year 2016/2017.

Task #2: This week is a PBIS student recognition and incentives week. We have organized a game room for all students who did not receive any major referrals during this month.

Task #3: On Wednesday, all staff was recognized for their hard work and dedication to our students during the Staff Appreciation Luncheon. There was lots of food, drinks, pastries, and great prizes for raffling. I was also a great time to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Go Cougars!

Task #4: We are in the final stages of completing all STAR ELA/Math assessments for the year. All paper CST/CMA tests have been completed and ready for shipment. Our teachers and assessment team did a great this year rolling out SBAC, Science CST/CMAs, and physical fitness assessment for 5th grade as well.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Cougar Renaissance Night, Friday, May 20th 5-7pm

Event #2: Awards assemblies, Monday-Tuesday, May 23-24

Bradach Elementary School -Principal, Julie Hirst


Task #1: Marketing the Message: We are doing a classified and a teacher spotlight every day this month on Facebook in addition to our usual postings of the happenings on campus. We have been posting pics of field trips, mission


and butterfly releases. Attended the

7th grade

dance. Attended the board meeting recognition of Shakira.

Task #2: High Expectations: Finished the classified evaluations and began scheduling the eval meetings.

Task #3: College Readiness: Attended the NGSS conference on Tuesday and Wednesday. Great information…already looking how we can begin the conversation with the teachers.


our AVID theme for next


AVID, The Force Awakens…this will be a great way to market our program. We gave the

8th grade

students the math placement test for 8th grade this week.


Upcoming Events

Event #1: 5/20: RFEP Celebration

Event #2: 5/26: Staff Softball Game

Event #3: 5/25 1-4th Awards

Event #4: 5/27: Volunteer Tea, Pawesome, College Fair, 8th Grade Prom

Columbia Middle School -Principal, Rich Upshaw


Task #1: 8th grade magic mountain trip

Task #2: AVID Field Day

Task #3: Paxton Lab demo

Task#4: HDAL Soccer Championship

Task #5: RIMS/AVID Certification

Upcoming Events

Event #1: AP interviews

Event #2: Middle School Scheduling Training

Eagle Ranch Elementary School --Principal, Laura Ramos


Task #1: Our SPED team continues to work closely with administration to make sure all IEPs are current, scheduled, and held. We are continuing to work to maintain the 100% compliance rate. We are also working on transitions for our students headed to middle school.

Task #2: Our staff development time was spent on configuring our 2016-2017 classrooms and analyzing EOY student assessment data.

Task #3: Our Eagles Basketball team continued participating in the Victor Valley High School tournament.

Task #4: First Grade teachers attended “Get Ahead Writing” Professional Development on campus.

Task #5: Our third graders went on a field trip to the Apple Valley Museum.

Task #6: Our sixth graders went on a field trip to Castlepark.

Task #7: Mrs. Calvo-Roth’s class went on a field trip to the Los Angeles Zoo.

Task #8: Our English Learner Advisory Council held their final meeting for the 2015-2016 school year.

Task #9: We hosted our Volunteer Celebration to honor our parents and community members that have provided support to our school.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: TK/Kinder “Get Ahead Writing” Professional Development will be held on Thursday, May 26th

Event #2: TK/Kindergarten Field Trip to San Bernardino County Fair on Monday, May 23rd

Event #3: Fourth Grade Field Day on Tuesday, May 24th

Event #4: Third Grade Culminating Leadership Event – “The World of Animals” – Thursday, May 26th at 3:30

Event #5: Fifth Grade Culminating Leadership Event – Wax Museum /Promotional – Friday, May 27th at 11:30

Event #6: Ms. Cavenaugh’s Class Rodeo on Friday, May 27th at 12:30

El Mirage School -- Dean, Vanessa Jones

Dr. Jones is now at Melva Davis

Melva Davis Academy of Excellenc Principal, Vanessa Jones


Task #1: The rooms where are teachers will be are in the final preparation stage.

Task #2: IT is in the process of completing our two computer labs.

Task #3: Teachers have been on campus to familiarize themselves with their rooms and the general lay-out of the campus

Task #4: The following extra-duty positions were filled by our teachers: Athletic Director, EL Coordinator, ASB Director, Technology Specialist, and Yearbook Advisor

Task #5: We have teachers who have enthusiastically agreed to host the following clubs on campus: MEEC, Odyssey of the Mind, MESA, and Experimental Archeology

Task #6: We will have the Think Together Program on our campus this fall

Up-Coming Events:

Event #1: Open House for MDAE Students and Families – May 23, 2016 @ 5:30pm

Event #2: Parent Middle School Tour – Wednesday May 25th @ 11:00am

George Magnet School, Principal, Carol Coburn


Task #1: Students in the Art class created a tile mosaic of Starry Night. Mr. Longnecker hung the mosaic on the wall of the school next to the MPR for display. The student did a fabulous job and the mosaic looks very professional.
Task #2: On Tuesday, I held a catered staff luncheon for all classified and certificated staff. It was great to see the staff interact with each other in the staff lunch room. This is going to be an annual event in the spring. Staff has expressed interest in doing this more often.

Task #3: Seventh grade had their awards assembly this morning. 26 students received honor roll and Principal’s awards for their academic grades. Many other students received other achievement awards, citizenship, and perfect attendance awards. Mrs. Moore was honored for her work and dedication to her job.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: BOGO Book Fair, Monday, May 9-18 in the PTSA room

Event #2: Awards Assemblies

Event #3: 5thand 6th grade- May 20 @ 9:30 a.m.

Event #4: TK, 1st & 2nd – May 23 @ 9:30 a.m.

Event #5: 3rd and 4th grade – May 24 @ 9:30 a.m.

Event #6: 8th Grade Symposium in the MPR 1:45-3:20 p.m. (maybe moved to another date)

Event #7: AR Readers Award Pizza Lunch at John’s Incredible Pizza on May 26 from 11:30-1:00 p.m.

Event #8: Music Concert at 7:00 p.m., on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Event #9: Emerging Voices Film Fest and Art Show May 21 at 11:00 a.m.

Gus Franklin Jr. --Principal, Mina Blazy


Task #1: IEPs on Monday

Task #2: Walked the classrooms – looked for student engagement

Task #3: Applied to teach at the STEM Symposium in the fall

Task #4: discussion about next year’s adjunct duties and activities: calendar of events

Task #5: Organizing classrooms for next year

Task #6: Attended NGSS Rollout: I have ideas on PD for the GFS school site

Task #7: working with 5th and 6th grade to organize promotion

Task #8: School tour for Special Ed students/parents

Task #9: Attended AAUW scholarship award ceremony for student that will attend the STEM camp this summer

Upcoming Events

Event #1: May 27th - Father's Day - Day of Fun Celebration at 2:00p.m. tk

Event #2 May 31st - Water Fun Day - Celebrate in classroom and on kinder playground (all day event)

Event #3: June 1st – 5th and 6th grade water park field trip

Event #4: promotion May 30th 5th grade and June 2 6th grade

Event #5: June 1st - Game Day - Kids bring games from home (morning) & Final Awards Assembly in my classroom at 2:00p.m.

Event #6: June 4 - Movie Day - Celebrate the last day of school

Event #7: 5th-7th grade dance - afternoon – possibly May 27th

Event #8: May 25th tk & K Aquarium of the Pacific

Mesa Linda Middle School--Principal, Darlene Mossman


Task #1: Certificated Eval meetings 5/12 – 5/13

Task #2: IEPs

Task #3: MLMS Leadership Meeting 5/16/16

Task #4: CABE 5/17/16

Task #5: Athletic Banquet 5/18/16 5:30pm – 7:30pm, MLMS

Task #6: PBIS 5/18/16 2pm – 3pm

Task #7: Meet with M. Olsen re: Life Church invoices 5/19/16 1pm

Task #8: Meet with Pastor Paul re: Life Church invoices 5/19/16

Task #9: Meet with Dr. Amy, Todd, Vanessa & Rich re: Middle Schools 5/19/16

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Meet with Think Together rep 5/20/16 8am

Event #2: Knott’s 8th grade field trip 5/23/16

Event #3: SARB 5/23/16

Event #4: 7th Grade Awards Celebration 5/23/16 7:45am

Event #5: 8th Grade Awards 5/24/16 7:45am

Event #6: LCAP meeting, DO 4:00pm

Event #7: Middle School Campus Parent Tours 5/25/16 8am – 1pm

Event #8: MLMS Preview Night 5/25/16 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Morgan Kincaid School ---Principal, Kristen Cooper


Task #1: We celebrated AR lunch with the principal this week. 312 students met their year-end AR goal in addition to numerous students who had met their goal earlier in the year.

Task #2: I completed classified evaluations and began meeting with classified personnel to review their evaluations.

Task #3: Our final School Site Council meeting was held for the year. The purpose of the meeting was to review the year and to begin looking at any revisions that may need to be made to the school handbooks for the 2016-2017 school year.

Task #4: The PBIS team met to review progress made with PBIS this year. We discussed goals for the 2016-2017 school year. Work was begun on creating a beginning of the year PBIS training for staff to implement changes and fine tune processes that are currently in place in alignment with the team’s identified goals for areas of growth.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: K promotion for Hall and Foster – May 26th at 8:00

Event #2: K promotion for Mr. C and Mrs. C – May 27th at 8:00

Ted Vick School- Principal, Vikki Chavez


Task #1: Teachers were certified to administer CELDT test. They are working out a schedule to get it done.

Task #2: Leadership meeting held to discuss what worked this year, what our areas of growth are for next year and questions/concerns teachers have about school-wide AVID.

Task #3: Health clerk continued to make contact with 6th grade parents about TDAP requirement.

Task #4: Admin continued making greater efforts to maintain a peaceful playground by being out at every recess. This has curbed many unsafe behaviors.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Mya20th 5th grade and TDAP Dance.

Event #2: May 27 THINK Together PTA End of the year dance for 6-8 grade.

Victoria Magathan School -Principal, Sandra Loudermilk


-Our Ride and Drive fundraising event


Thursday as well as our talent show.

-Several staff members attended the CELDT training for next year.

-Teachers are continuing to teach from the curriculum. We are working hard to ensure students continue learning and that we keep routines as we near the end of the school year.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: SSC Meeting on Monday at 2:00.

Event #2: Our Staff Appreciation Luncheon will be Tuesday at 2:30, we hope to see you here.

Event #3: Our Volunteer Tea will be on Wednesday at 11:00. You are welcome to come to this event as well.

Event #4: The Reclassification Ceremony will be on Thursday at 4:00, hope to see you there.

West Creek Elementary School -Principal Deborah Bowers


Task #1: Field Trip: Our 6th grade students attended a field trip for their promotion to John’s Incredible Pizza. The students and teachers who attended were very excited to participate and enjoy time with each other in an atmosphere away from school. You can view pictures of the event on our face book page. Some 6th graders mentioned it was their first field trip they have ever been on and they were very thankful for the opportunity.

Task #2: Science Conference: I was able to attend the NGSS conference in Norwalk on Tuesday and Wednesday. I learned valuable information in order to support my staff in the implementation of Common Core and NGSS. I have many ideas and resources to share with the district and staff.

Task #3: Track Meet: The district track meet is this week. On Thursday, our students will be able to participate and show off their track skills. The campus has been very excited and looking forward to their participation in the track meet. Once again, watch for pictures on our face book page. More information will follow next week with our track meet results.

Task #4: Basketball Tournament: Our 6th grade boys have gone undefeated in the Victor Valley Tournament!! With the championship game and hot shot contest happening on Thursday night. They have a very good chance to win the championship and we are all eagerly awaiting Thursday evening to see the results of their hard work. Good Luck to all our 6th grade boys!

Upcoming Events

Event #1: N/A

Westside Park Elementary School -Principal Sherelle Crawford


Task # 1: Classified and Certificated staff enjoyed a week of celebration as they were honored during Staff Appreciation Week. Our staff was surprised with gifts during a school-wide assembly. Students made beautiful gifts that they brought from home and placed into gift baskets. The creative and uniqueness of the gifts were impressive and reflected the appreciation students and their families have for their teachers. The staff enjoyed a delicious luncheon from the “Cross-Eyed Cow Restaurant.”

Task #2: Personnel – Our Librarian gave notice of his resignation today. It is effective 5/31/16. A meeting was held with Wendy Davies to ensure all needed tasks to close the end of the school year were identified and scheduled to be completed before the librarian resigns.

Task #3: PBIS – Students enjoyed redeeming their Wildcat Tickets at the final Wildcat Trading Post for this school year. Students also enjoyed the final days of the Wildcat Lounge. The character trait for this month is “Respect. “ Students participated in making class posters showing how respect is done at Westside Park. The posters are on display inside the Cafeteria. Students continued to learn about giving respect through the weekly class PBIS lessons.

Task #4: Staff, students and parents enjoyed the beginning of the International Week. Student performed dance and music to African music.

Task #5: Earthquake Emergency Drill – staff, students and parents participated in scenarios during the emergency drill. Staff continued training on their emergency team assignments. The Search and Rescue team rescued students and staff in different scenarios. The Medical Team triaged and provided first aide to “victims.” Our plan is to use After Action Analysis to review the exercise and improve our procedure for the next event in the October California Shakeout.

Task #6: Parents enjoyed being with their children as students received awards and recognition during the Trimester 3 Awards assemblies for TK & Kindergarten.

Task #7: We were very proud of the 88 Young Author’s who participated in writing the 15 books that Westside Park presented to the Young Author’s celebration.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: International Week Celebration, 5/20/16 – 5/27-16

Event #2: Field Trip to Fair TK & Kinder, 5/23/16

Event #3: BTSA Colloquium, 5/23/16


NGSS Rollout – This week, staff attended the 2-day roll out from the CDE regarding the Next Generation Science Standards. We had one teacher from each site, as well as, three principals. Together, we were able to discuss what we were learning about and developed a tentative plan for how we needed to roll the NGSS out for the rest of the district. I am very excited to support this team and I believe the teachers will embrace this project-based learning type of instruction.

Many of our parents attended the CABE Regional Conference in Riverside. I met many of the parents who were invited to attend at Columbia Middle School.

Summer Support and Enrichment Classes – This week, we finished pulling resources for the K-8 mathematics part of Summer Support. At the end of each grade level, there is a resource entitled “Getting Ready for”. This resource contains 20 lessons designed to allow students to preview some of the concepts they will see next year in their next grade level. We are still working to gather the hands-on tools needed for some of the lessons. We will be meeting with teachers next week to give them an overview of what they will be teaching during the 2-week program.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Sat, May 21 – George Film Festival in the George MPR at 11 am.

Event #2: Mon, May 23 – LCAP Engagement Meeting for Classified Staff and Tues, May 24 – LCAP Engagement Meeting for Certificated Staff at 4 pm in Room 606 at Columbia Middle School.

Event #3: Wed, May 25 – Middle School Campus Tours for parents of students in grades 5, 6, and 7.

Chief Business Officer- Mr. Ajay Mohindra


Task #1: District negotiations team held a bargaining session with ADTA to discuss various articles which were open by both parties.

Task #2: Dr. Hernandez, Mr. Beal and I met with the curriculum and warehouse staff to discuss plans as district transitions to a K-5 and 6-8 school configuration. Curriculum and warehouse staff will assist teachers in moving their classrooms after the end of school year.

Task # 3: Attended the School Services of California Governor’s May revise budget workshop. There are no major changes from Governors January proposal for education budget.

Task#4: Continue to work on budget development for fiscal year 2016-17

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events

Event #1: N/A

Chief Personnel Officer- Mr. Todd Beal


Task #1: Certificated

References on applicants from previous interviews are being conducted. Displacement meeting took place in May 13, 2016 and it was a success. All teachers who were displaced received an assignment. IPRC interviews occurred on May 16, 2016. Middle School Science Teacher interviews occurred on May 119, 2016. Contracted teachers for General Education and SAI continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Certificated substitute/guest teachers continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Substitute teacher coverage was at 94 percent even though there were school business absences all days this week. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #2: Classified

Substitute clerical exam was given to current employees on May 17, 2016. Clerk III test was given on May 19, 2016. Contracted classified employees continue to be processed for the 2015-2016 school year. Classified substitutes continue to be processed. Processing of volunteers for the 2015-16 year continues. Various other Personnel functions addressed on a daily basis.

Task #3: Risk Management

Task #4: Child Welfare and Attendance

This week we received notification that Melva Davis Academy of Excellence qualified for the ASES after school program for next year. CDE released the announcement of schools that were accepted for this grant. All of our schools will continue to have our ASES programs for 2016-17.

This year First Christian Church (FCC) has pledged 150 backpacks to our Adelanto Elementary Schools as part of their backpack giveaway event in July. These backpacks will also have school supplies in them for some of our neediest students.

Task #5: CSEA Negotiations


Task #6: ADTA Negotiations


Upcoming Events

Event #1: 5/19/16 – Assistant Principal Interviews

Event #2: 5/26/16 – Music teacher MDAE interviews

Special Education- Jennifer Johnson


Task 1: Held the annual ESY planning meeting this week. Teachers and staff came together to discuss what is needed for ESY. Teachers placed their work orders and supply order and were provided binders with all of the children information including Aries, IEP’s and current health care plans. The principal of GUS attended all service providers, our district nurse, the teachers and clerical staff CNS staff also attended to provide their input as well. Reps from MOT were also invited to join us but were not able to attend the meeting. We will pass on the information to Phillip, Anwar and Chris so they are aware.

Task 2: working on completing all of the support staff evaluations

Task 3: We will be attending the Suicide and self-mutilation conference in Palm Springs this Friday

TASK 4: Continuing to hold transition IEP meetings this week.

Upcoming Events

Event #1: Annual Preschool IEP meetings 05-23-16

Event #2: Annual “Return to district” IEP meetings 05-24-16

Event #3: School site visits 05-26-16

Event #4: Due Process Resolution meeting with VVUHSD 05-27-16

Director of CNS- Delise Barringer

Out on Sick Leave

Thumbs Up

Grace Rhoades, Secretary at Columbia

Grace does an amazing job at Columbia. She is friendly and provides outstanding customer service to all stakeholders. Mrs. Rhoades works hard and has a great attitude in everything that she does. Kudos to Grace!

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