By: Maddie Blake


Titian was born in 1477 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy. He spent most of his life in Venice, Italy where he moved when he was 9 with his brother. When he first went to Venice, he worked and learned in the workshop of Sebastiano Zuccati. His education continued when he studied painting with Giovanni Bellini. Another one of Bellini's students was Giorgione. Titian and Giorgione worked so closely with each other that their styles became "virtually indistinguishable". During Titian's life he lived very prosperously because he made paintings for royalty. He had two wives and lived in a luxurious palace called the "Casa Grande". He created many paintings such as the Worship of Venus, Flora, Martyrdom of St. Peter Martyr and many more. Titian's patrons were those of royalty. They included Charles V, Ferrara, Gonzagas, Duke of Urbino, and the Hapsburgs.

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The Work:

One of the works Titian created was Flora. Flora is a portrait of a woman with a white dress on and leaves in her hand. This piece was created in 1515. It is significant because he used the techniques of contrasting light and dark and he painted no background so the piece was only focused on the woman. That technique represents individualism because it is a portrait of one person with no other focus. I find this piece interesting because Titian was able to capture the essential characteristics of the lady and made her look so elegant. She looks like she has so much grace even though it is just a painting of her. This piece can be found in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Italy. More information about this piece can be found on this link: http://arthistoryfacts.com/Page15MyArtHistorySite.htm

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The Works:

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