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May 2015

Summer is almost here!

Hello and Welcome to Our doTERRA Newsletter,

If you are new here, I am Suanne Harns a part of your support team. These newsletters are intended to educate you about doTERRA products and business aspects on a monthly basis. If you need any help, please know that I am just a phone call away.

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to some sunshine and outdoor experiences after this long Winter/Spring. I have a great recipe for non - toxic sun screen that my twin grandchildren used all last summer and never got burnt. (Except once, when they forgot to apply it!) If you shoot me an email I will be happy to send it on to you as it is too long to post here.

Many Blessings,


In the Month of May

Join the Journey*******May Enrollment Promotion

Be sure to check out the details for the new promotion doTERRA is offering for new enrollees. GREAT NEWS! If you are a PREFERRED MEMBER, upgrade to a Wellness Advocate for $25, place a 100 PV enrollment order and qualify for the FREE 50 PV
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Loyalty Rewards Benefits (you don't want to miss out on this!)

doTERRA is so generous and this is one of my favorite features they offer to both Preferred Customers and Wellness Advocates. I like it because it is optional and it is fun to spend my doTERRA points on expensive oils that I would have a hard time justifying purchasing. The example below is based on a minimum 50 PV order. Of course, if you place a 100 PV order you can double that amount below to $528 that you can purchase products from doTERRA. It is amazing.


MONTH 1-3 10% $15.00

MONTH 4-6 15% $22.50

MONTH 7-9 20% $30.00

MONTH 10-12 25% $37.50

Shipping Rewards $84.00

(Shipping Rewards points figured at $7 per month)

Savings in 1st YEAR TOTAL $189

Every year thereafter, once reaching the 30% status, get $264 in product

Contact me or the person that enrolled you to learn how easy it is to get on this program and start earning doTERRA points.

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You have your own doTERRA WEB STORE!

If you haven't checked out your new web store that doTERRA has redesigned you should go do that now! Here's how to do it, if you have never done it before!

Sign on to your back office (where you place your orders) and directly across from the large MydoTERRA Office is a group of links:

  • Go to: "My Online Store"
  • Go to: "My Settings" check out what your business site address is currently. (you can change it if you want)
  • Go to: "My Contact Info" (make any changes if need be)

Now in the purple tabs:

  • Go to: "My Web Site" Here you will be able to add a photo of you which is a great thing to do as people respond better to faces.

**I would LOVE it if everyone would add a photo of themselves. Then I would be able to connect a face to the name.**

This is one of the benefits of being a Wellness Advocate. A part of the $35 wholesale membership cost goes towards providing this website. Your yearly $25 annual fee pays for this also, but remember doTERRA sends you a $20.50 Peppermint so your annual fee ends up being only $4.50!

Below is what your new web store looks like. This is an easy and great way to share the oils. Your family and friends can purchase retail under the SHOP tab or they can JOIN & SAVE (25% off retail) Earn FREE OILs and get lots of education on how to use essential oils.

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