Making Candles And Soap

step by step instructions to making beutiful candels

why make these things?

Soap and candles make perfect gifts. You can personalize your gift to match the persons personality.









Microwave safe measuring cup



choose the scent

The scent you choose depends on what its for.Soap and candels don't need to have scents but it is more pleasing.
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Melt Wax/Soap

for soap, buy bulk soap packages cut four cubes about 1in by 1in. Place in microwave safe measuring cup and heat for twenty seconds then five seconds until soap is completely melted. For candles cut up wax bars into shavings, then place pot on stove and heat a medium setting until copletly melted.

Add Scent/Color

For soap, add drops of scent according to how strong you want your scent.ONE DROP AT A TIME!! you can mix scents too.For color add one drop and mix repeating untildesired color.This applies for both.For candle scent i use half a scent cube add it to pot and let it melt. you can add more scent.
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Choose Mold

For soap molds use plastic molds and wait a bit until the soap is cooled a bit so it wont melt the mold. For candles pour wax into the metal mold of your choice if you have a detailed mold, thats ok too. let soap cool.

Add Wick

for candles add your wick. hold it it place until it stands on its own. Then let cool. A well will form so just pour more wax there.Forsoap when done cooling apply pressure with humbs to the back of mold to allow soap to be removed. When done cooling pull on wick to take out candle.

The Wrap

Presentation is verry important for gifts when you wrap gifts Be Creative !