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Gordian Knots on the Earth

Imagine that latitudinal and longitudinal lines, which are separated by 1 degree, are drawn on the Earth. Intersections of the lines are recognized here as singular points on the Earth. We call them GORDIAN KNOTs.
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Many more knots around you

There are many more singular points around you, which are simply called Knots. They exist at the intersections of latitudinal and lo longitudinal lines separated by 1/60 degrees (= 1 min).

Your mission is to UNKNOT these invisible knots.

How do you unknot a knot?

A circle centered at each knot with a radius of 50 m is called an Effective Circle. You can unknot a knot by entering its Effective Circle. Gordian and non-Gordian knots are unknotted based on the same criterion.

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Radius Expansion

You can expand the radius of Effective Circles. To expand the radius by 1 m, one Radius Expansion Point is necessary (*1).

Radius Expansion Points are acquired by unknotting or revisiting Knots.

  • Gordian Knot: 100pt
  • non-Gordian Knot: 1pt
  • revisiting a Knot: 0.5 pt (*2)

Radius Expansion Points are consumed when you unknot a knot. For example, if you expanded the radius of Effective Circles by 7 m and then unknotted a Knot, you lose 7 points.

* note

  1. Radius Expansion is available from version 5.0.0.
  2. A Knot becomes inactive for 12 hours after unknotting/revisiting it.

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Your Mission

Number of Knots you have unknotted thus far is registered on the GameCenter leaderboards. Thus, players can share their progress.

Currently, top players have already unknotted several hundreds of Knots.

However, there are as many as 233,258,402 Knots on the Earth!

Your mission is to unknot as many knots as possible.

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Altered Perception of the World

Most Knots exist at ordinary places.

They are, however, perceived as singular points on the Earth for players of Unknotting.

Welcome to the lattice world!

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Riding a bike is a good way to go around the Knots

Adjacent knots are separated by about 1.8 km north and south (their separation in the east-west direction depends on latitude). Cycling seems to be an effective and enjoyable way to go from one Knot to another.
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