Price's Press

October 31, 2014

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

This week's reporters are Zach, Ali H., Ashley, Nikko, Ali M., and Naiya.
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News you can use!

Report cards are coming home today. Make sure to read the letter from the district about the changes. Also, social studies and science are pass/fail in the elementary school. The letter "P" stands for pass and the letter "F" stands for fail. You will also find the results from last year's ISAT tests. The students took these tests last March when they were in third grade and the results are a snapshot from that time period. Please sign and return the envelope and return it on Monday.

Thanks to everyone that made the fall party a success. The students all had a great time. The stations had a nice variety of activities and the snacks were yummy!

Conferences are right around the corner. Please help refresh my memory about what date and time you picked for conferences. I had the sheet out last week, answering a parent question about their conference date and time and now the whole sheet is missing. Thanks for your help. Please use this link to e-mail me your day and time.


In literacy this week we learned about teamwork.On Monday we learned that teamwork can be used for just about anything.Then on Tuesday we read Coyote School News ,and the boy used teamwork to pick the chile peppers .Well on Wednesday our class used teamwork complete our sentences of the day.When we went over our amazing word planning I realized that teamwork is included.


On Monday we learned what tessellations were and made some in school. On Tuesday we played a game called angle tangle were you have to make a angle for your partner and they have to estimate the angle and you then measure it and you want the least amount of points. On Wednesday we looked at quadrangles and mad some. On Thursday we made shapes with a geometry templates and we had to do certain things that will get us points. On Friday we had a study guide for the test we have on Tuesday.

* Mrs. Browne's and Mrs. Riebock's classes both took their unit 3 test this week. Unit 4 focuses on decimals. When talking about decimals with your students during the unit relate decimals to money to help them understand the concepts. -Mrs. Price


This week in science we have been making cars to protect an egg. It's been a blast, to make them! We started off the week making some finishing touches on our cars and starting trials. The next day we continued trials and some even started to revise their cars. On Wednesday we did more trials and revising. And on Thursday, it was our final day working, and it was a lot of fun!! Our final challenge is on Monday, so start your engines!!!


In music we started recorder karate. We are NOT hitting and killing each other with our recorders (thankfully)! Here's how it really works. We have 6 groups, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. All 6 start out with the same song. If your group succeeds that song, you move on to a more difficult song, than try to pass that one. We all started on Hot Cross Buns. Now, most of us, if not all of us, are on the song 2, Gently sleep.


I will be telling you about our class's art days this week. On Monday we were finishing our flowers and starting to talk about our line designs for the landscape drawing that we are working on. Tuesday we didn't have art,but on Wednesday we talked a little more about our line designs then got started. On Thursday and Friday we didn't have art.


In P.E. this week we worked on our badminton unit. Our class practiced our overhand serves,our underhand serves,and volleying back in fourth to a partner. On Wednesday we took a Skeletal System test (which is where we have to label all the bones in our body)at the Multi-Purpose room. On our last two days of the week we played badminton rotation which is where we have to go around the main gym and do an activity at each station rotation. Our class liked that and we had a fun time doing it!