Google Docs Collaboration

Use the collaborative power of Google documents

Why use Google Docs in the classroom?

  • Because it is easy, online and fun
  • Because the students will love it
  • Because it is easier to keep all the documents organized in the same page (the students and parents can view the documents created)
  • Because all the students can view each other's work and given sufficient permission, they can either comment on each other's work or even edit.

Let's start exploring!

Specific classroom applications:


Overall tests can be written pen and paper and then the results recorded in a spreadsheet. This will make your life as a teacher easier because you can then interpret the data and have a better understanding of your student's knowledge.


General feedback of if you like to feel the pulse of the classroom regarding a particular subject.


Teaching the math data probability and management can be done online: creating surveys using Google forms and then graphs in Google spreadsheets.

4. Students Accommodations and Modifications

Because there is the ability to add pictures, the tests can incorporate visuals and thus making it easier for students to understand the questions.

Why Google Apps?

Contents of the demo

1. Create a contact group in Google Email (this step might be already completed by your school board)

2. Demo of Google Docs, Google Presentation and Google Form

3. Create a Google Form and type in all the questions and the responses

4. Send the form by sharing the link - this can be send to an unlimited number of users if just the link is shared, but to 200 people if you are sharing the form itself.

Hands-on Activity

You are beginning your new numeracy unit on multiplication and want to run a pre-test to understand where your students are at. Your test should have minimum 5 questions (2 multiple choice, 2 problems, 1 text).

Create this test in Google form and then share it with your students. (the students in this case are your York colleagues so do not forget to create the Google group first with all the email addresses)

Webquest Prezi

Sample worksheet

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