JP Gardner

Not Reassuring Enough

He said he would help people and he did but he also believed in "Rugged Individualism" or survival of the fittest. This is saying that people who are the strongest and smartest about life will survive, and most people were not strong or smart about their way of life.

Cautions at Solving Problems

Hoover didn't give direct relief. He was hesitant to fix and restore the good for the people. He didn't the veterans their bonus for serving in the war because he had other problems he also wasn't so sure about. This made Hoover nervous and he didn't know what to do.

Bill was defeated

The bill was defeated so these people called, "The Bonus Army", they set up camps around the city called "Hoovervilles." Then when Hoover got nervous he called in reinforcements, and had the the shanty houses destroyed. He did this to his own people, people who fought for their country.

Americans Frustrated

Many Americans were angry when Democrats won more seats. Farmers dumped milk and burned crops. This was called, "Farm Holidays."